Corrugated Piping Connections

lkbsep24October 1, 2009

I am running 2 seperate outflows from my sump pumps inwhich I open each 1.5" to 3" via PVC pipes. From the 3" PVC pipe I expand it to 4" and connect each line seperatly to 4" corrugated pipe to be buried undergound. About 10'ft from the house I will connect the 2 corrugated pipes via a corrugated Y-Joint into (1) 4" line.

How do I make the connection at the Y-Joint as "leek" proof as possible. When I had this connection above ground, I had experienced quite of bit leeking at this connection.

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4" Fernco will do the trick
Corrugated Pipe Couplings
"Quickly connect ADS and Hancor corrugated polyethylene to PVC sewer pipes."

Here is a link that might be useful: fernco

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