Hi, new here.

michaelshane2006June 16, 2006

Just stopping in to see what this forum is all about. I am a 26 year old male, just figured I would throw that out there for the people that require the gender and age info. seems like an alright place here. Looking for people to talk to (friends only,) not ready for the dating game again yet.

Hope you are all doing well,


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Welcome Michael. You may be the baby of the group here! I'm Barbara, officially single but with a SO. It's a slow forum (for now) - but please feel free to chime in!


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Hello, I'm new too. :)

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I'm new here, too, and definitely not one of the young 'uns. My main interest here has been roses and other gardening subjects but I just discovered the other forums and thought I'd take a look.

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Hi, I'm new also. I'm female, 37 and thought I'd take a look at this forum as I was on one of the others (home disasters).

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