how to paint new entry doors

jvmagicOctober 12, 2009


I have ordered some double entry doors and we are now pondering whether to have the doors painted before or after the install (the painter stated it would be easier for him to pain vs painting them while installed (he will be spraying them). Do you all recommend spraying the entry doors (black color)????

My thinking is that the doors can be scratched during the install process which would need to be retouched etc...not a good picture. Can double entry doors be installed after being painted w/out being scratched? Please advise?

thanks in advance,

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I have over a dozen exterior doors and they were all spray-finished before installation. Not a one suffered any damage during installation. And you will probably get a much better result overall because spraying doors in an upright position while installed is a real pain and can lead to less-than-perfect finishing. You also have to worry about masking and over-spray if they are done after installation. Follow your painter's advice...

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A local automotive shop has painted our doors--some at his shop and once on-site at our home. He prefers at the automotive shop due to the dust & wind-free environment and a more even coverage. However last year we had a new prepainted door with sidelights installed. It did get marred in one spot during installation--it was heavy & cumbersome, plus it was a replacement door & did not fit the brick opening well (snug in some spots-loose in others). Then I did not like the color & had it repainted. The auto guy came and sanded it down onsite and taped off the surrounding area and it looks fine.

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