Help- singer 7422 machine

yazyappaMay 26, 2007

I am just learning how to use my machine (singer model 7422) so I am not sure what to do here. I was in the middle of stitching and my machine just stopped working- it started beeping and all the lights on the front started blinking and nothing will work now. I shut it off for an hour and turned it back on and it keeps doing the same thing. I tried pulling the bobbin case out and cleaning the lint but it is still blinking and beeping. Can anyone help me?

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Where did you buy it? Does it have a warantee? I would call up the singer company and see what they have to say. Maybe they can help you find the problem. Hate to repeat what has been said before but Singer does not make high quality machines anymore. Colleen

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Thanks for the advice. Was wondering if something like this has happened to anyone else. I bought it at Wal-Mart. Looks like I'm going to save up money for a good machine. What do you personally recommend?

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My Brother machine has done this. The problem with mine was that the needle was in the wrong position. My needle can be shifted to the left or right. Until I shifted the needle to the correct position for the pressure foot I had on, it did what yours did. Maybe give that a try. Also, in the back of the book that came with your machine, there is a listing under "Troubleshooting"...check this and see if any of the problems listed is the same as should tell you what to do to fix the problem.

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You really need to go somewhere that sells machines and try them out. Sometimes if you can only afford something used that is the way to go. I bought my Viking used and love the machine. I also have a couple of very old singers. Colleen

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my machine will not sew all it does is beep when i step on the petal. any suggestions

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My kids bought me the 7422 Advance from Walmart for a gift about 3 years back. Due to undergoing therapy for over a year plus recoop time I had not used it much. Now that I'm better and am expecting a grandchild I'm in the midst of making baby blankets. I ran out of thread and when I try to wind the bobbin it will take one stitch then all lights come on and it beeps at me. Needless to say its very disappointing.
The manual is a joke,turn a page and it falls out so I have a stack of loose pages. There are no hints in troubleshooting except for very basic things like "do you have thread in it" I feel stupid even reading that stuff.
My father purchased me a Kenmore when I was 17 and never had any problems with it. Until the dog chewed the cord and I couldn't replace it.
Now I have this nice machine that just collects dust.
Very big let down

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