Is There Any Way to REPAIR A Threshold?

chipster_2007October 26, 2010

Our front door threshold is worn in the middle and I was wondering if there is any type of material, wood bonding material, epoxy or something else that could be used to build up that area? The threshold is painted so the material used would have to be paintable. I don't want to go through the hassle of replacing it if it can be repaired? Thanks

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Under any scenario I can think of it would be better, quicker and more feasible to replace a threshold over repairing one.

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auto body compound is a good filler, then sand, prime and paint with exterior paint.

I agree with you that doing this once every 5 years is easier for me than replacing. Because you need to paint it about that often anyway.

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Replacing it is not that hard if you are at all handy, and it would be a permanent fix.

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You are going to have hassle with the repair a lot more often then if you just go ahead and fix it right to start with

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I've used auto body filler in cases like that, and it's worked very well. It's also very tough.

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