Garage Door Opener Not Working If Lightbulb is Still On

dongw2October 26, 2009


This is a weird one I know.

I have an older, Sears garage door opener (installed in 1991, model 139.53600) that does not have safety sensors.

For the last few years the remotes will not operate the GDO if it is cold outside ÂANDÂ the 40w light bulb on the opener is still on.

In other words, if it is warm outside (70Âs & above) the remotes work fine, but if itÂs cold I have to wait till the light on the opener turns off before the remotes will work.

There are no safety sensors on this system, and it works fine from the wall switch, I also replaced the battery and have tried this with multiple remotes which work fine Âif the GDO light bulb is off. It seems like the opener doesnÂt sense the remote if it is cold Âand the GDOs light is on. I tried unplugging and replugging the unit but same weirdness is happening.

I know it has to be some little $2 part and hate to buy an entire new unit just for that. Any suggestions or ideas out there?

Thanks much,


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This is a problem with the logic board.
Being of that vintage, you will probably find a small grey or yellow learn button on the rear of the motor unit.
It's possible that you will have the dip switches, but I doubt it. 91 was about the time they got away from switches.
Whatever color of learn button you have, go to your local garage door service company and see if they have any used boards with the same color of button. Most door companys, including us, keep old boards for just this kind of circumstance.
Don't pay anymore than ten bucks for it.
Unplug the motor unit, take the four screws off the back plate and unplug the logic board by lifting straight up on the white plastic plug.
Plug in the new board and re secure to the motor unit.
You will need to re program your remotes.
It's worth ten bucks to try to fix your problem, but with a unit that old, don't be spending any more.

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Thanks gds, I'll see if there's any garage door service company in the area and see if they have any old logic boards.

In the meantime, I ordered a "Genie GIRUD-1T Universal Dual Frequency Radio Conversion Kit" that has good reviews and is supposed to replace my remotes and receiver.

I'll let you know how things turn out. Thanks again.

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I would not be in a big hurry to buy a transmitter/receiver system just yet.
The receiver that the remotes send the signal to, is built into the logic board that your trying to procure.
You may find that your remotes work with the new (used) logic board once it's installed.
Don't forget, your existing logic board is defective and erratic.
That could be why your remotes won't work.

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Great call gds.

I called around for a used logic board (so old that it does have dip switches). After a few places told me no one would carry these anymore I found a small shop that had one.

Four screws and one plug later I had the logic board in and it works like brand new. This (cold) morning was the final test and it passed with flying colors.

Thanks much for you advice. No more getting out of the car in the rain to push the wall button. :-)

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