Soft-close side-mount drawer glides? Or stick with Blum?

nutherokie_gwMay 22, 2011

At long, long last, my cabinetmakers are hard at work. Hark! The angels sing!

These are site-built custom cabinets, and drawer construction is about to begin. They want to use Knape & Vogt side-mount slides, primarily, I think, because that's what they're accustomed to using. K&V makes a side-mount soft close, but I don't read great reviews of them.

If I stick to my guns and have them get Blum soft close, they'll be bottom mount. I gather they're quite a bit more work to install. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has experience with side-mount soft-close? Should I skip the soft-close and go with what the cabinet guys are experienced with? The crew seems very skilled, by the way. And they say they've done Blum before, they just don't perceive a difference that warrants the extra time and expense. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for any insights!

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I've been researching slides to use on something I'm building myself, and the KV slides do get great reviews on Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon reviews of KV slides

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One cabinet maker who frequented here said he preferred Hettich. Grass is also good, I don't know about Accuride - I think they are thought to be a little lower end (which doesn't mean they are not good). Issue is less the brand but using the side mount hardware. It does shrink your drawer and some folks don't like the visible hardware when drawers are opened. If your talking swapping one side mount for another brand I would let them stay in their comfort zone. If you wanted Blum under mount I would think about the issues mentioned and decide if I can live with the compromises. Most talk of Blum on here is about the undermount drawer hardware not the side mount hardware.

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Go with undermount, selfclose, softclose, full extension Blums.

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Fori is not pleased

I assume you've seen their work or you wouldn't have hired them. If you liked the way their drawers worked, let them use what they are accustomed to using. If you have gotten so particular as to measure and dictate the sizes you need your drawer interiors to be, remember changing from side to undermount will change the interior specs of every drawer box.

Do you prefer yours drawers wider or higher? It's not a huge difference but in a small or particular space where every inch is assigned, it might matter.

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Dee850, I too, read the positive reviews of the K&V slides on Amazon, but I don't think they had any reviews of the soft-close style.

Caryscott, that's exactly my dilemma, I hate to force them outside their comfort zone on something that isn't THAT important to me. I've tried the regular K&V and they seem nice. I'll confess that I'd rather not see the glides on the sides of the drawers, but I'm sure I'd forget about it in no time.

Pharaoh, I played with the Blum under-mount soft-close at Ikea and it's just so smooth and quiet! In some ways my kitchen will be elaborate - at least by local standards - but technologically it will be extremely simple. Those slides are the one modern whiz bang gizmo that really appeals to me.

Fori, I admire the Gardenwebbers who know where every spoon will go before the first nail is driven, but that's not me. I'm sure I'd never have thought about drawer glides in my pre-Gardenweb days. The cabinet maker has helped me solve some quirky problems with my layout and has been very helpful and creative. I'd like to be a good sport and just trust his judgment on what's really a small issue, but darn! Those Blums are cool.

Thanks everybody for your input. I guess I'll sleep on it.

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For what it's worth, I almost canceled my cabinet order when I discovered that the cabinet maker would only side mount the slides instead of bottom mount them. That's just the way he makes his drawers. But I loved his door so much that I decided not the cancel. My husband and I consoled ourselves by ordering self close slides which cost $10.00 more per slide. Two months later when the cabinets arrived we discovered that the guys in his shop had not used the self close slides. The cabinet maker's response was that he would switch out the slides if that's what we really wanted but that he personally prefers the ones that they mistakenly used. So as a way of making the decision, he installed the self close slides on one drawer. Then I was able to feel the comparison of opening and closing drawers. Actually the non self close slide was easier to open and it was quieter. The self close slide has a kind of shock absorber at the back end. I had to pull really hard to get the drawer to open. After doing that for about 10 minutes, my arm was tired. That shock absorber also makes noise--quite a bit. That experiment convinced me that he was right. The self close slides were actually not beneficial. And now that the cabinets are in, I don't pay any notice to the slides on the side of the drawers because I'm usually in the kitchen working. The only part of the cabinets I really notice are the doors and they are absolutely lovely.

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It is cool but I really don't think you will miss it. For what it is worth I think it is a reasonable thing to compromise on and it sounds like it won't be something you will regret down the line.

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We have the Blum undermount soft-close slides on our drawers and a trash pullout that's KV soft-close---they actually seem pretty similar to me as far as the feel/noise/etc. I'm not sure how similar the trash slides are to the side-mount ones, but if they're roughly equivalent you'd probably be fine with those.

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Statgeek,thanks so much for sharing your experience! I find myself obsessing on little things that I doubt I'll think of on a daily basis. I suspect I'll be a lot like you and focus on the beautiful cabinet details that really are important to long as the hardware is functional, I can probably live with sliding the drawers closed myself. ; )

Caryscott, after sleeping on it, I think you're right. This is a relatively painless place to compromise.

Artemis! Thank you! It's great to hear from someone who's experienced both. I did a little more poking around and have decided I'm probably not enough of a princess to really mind this particular pea. Thanks again, all. Your advice has helped me over this mountainous molehill.

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statgeek - if you are still out there, can you tell me what brand of side mounted glides you have? I am at this same cross roads.

My cabinet maker made a sample drawer and box and installed the side mounted self closing glides by KV. They must have been the same kind you tried because boy were they tough to open! And to close it took 3 pushes!

I have him searching for Blum side mounted self-closing but I am starting to wonder if they even exist! I know the undermounts do, but I went to the Blum webite and they seem to only reference the undermounts. I will try calling Blum tomorrow.

But I am also wondering if, like Nutherokie, I should just give up on the self-closing feature.

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