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renna44October 3, 2010

I am hoping for some advice or ideas on my upcoming new roofing. I have a few home repair projects & got some great advice over in the Hvac section on ductwork.

I have a couple contractors coming to view and bid & I am trying to educate myself a bit in advance. I've got a decent grip on the parts of a roof & shingle types, etc, but can't seem to figure out this one particular troublesome section of the roof. (I don't even know the technical wording for this part of roof). It's the part starting mid way and extending over the porch. see pic. Obviously some dips near the pipes, but beyond that, the section just seems out of sorts, at least visually. Do I need to just have that section completely torn off and start over? Or can it be built up or something (during the re-roofing process) to improve the look? The scale? Should I be thinking about new pillars and or some type of "something" -trimming? - to help the porch look?

The roof is low pitch, and the house is approx 1700 sq ft inc the attached garage. It's a long, narrow ranch, approx 22 x 75, built in 1960. Thanks in advance for any and all direction! I in the right forum for this question?

Here is a link that might be useful: Roof Pic

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The dips around the vent pipes may be an indication that the pipe flashing has failed at some time and the sheathing is now water damaged there and should be replaced.
You might try the Remodeling forum for advice on how to make the roof more visually appealing. I would look at having the 'bump up' on the left side rebuilt as a gable coming out perpendicular to the main roofline. I would also want to minimize the 'street visibility' of those vent pipes.

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