Caulk around kitchen sink won't stay put - wipes off

peabody1October 20, 2011

We have a problem with the caulk around our kitchen sink not staying put. We've caulked it, let it dry 24 hours. We've even had our painter caulk it. A week or so later we notice that the caulk is mostly gone. Just from wiping the water off the counter that gets on it when you do dishes. I think painter used GE Silicone II (not sure) (no smell) and also have tried DAP Kwik Seal for tubs & sinks. What do people usually use that won't wipe off so easily?

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Tell me more. What is the composition of sink and counter?
Where exactly are you caulking? Around the rim? Doesn't the rim fit snug against the counter top?

Are you using plumber's putty when setting the sink in place?

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Pull the sink and use a rope of plumber's putty. That's all you need to ensure a proper seal for a top mount sink. If this is an undermount sink, silicone will not adhere to a badly cleaned surface. It has to be spotless, with all of the old caulk removed.

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Plumbers putty is fine for stainless steel sinks, but not composite/etc.

I use GE Kitchen and Bath caulk on Formica and tile of all kinds.

The surfaces need to be completely dry and clean. I generally wipe with alcohol, let dry, and apply the material. I then finish the application by using a feathering tool designed to make the proper profile. Some people use their finger, wetted with water. I have found that actiually causes problems with sink to countertop joint sealing.

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We don't know the composition of sink or counter....yet...:)

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Check the date on the caulk you're using. There's been very little publicity about it, but recent changes in VOC regulations have had a good deal of effect on all brands and types of caulk. Somewhere on the cartridge or tube there is a "use by" date. If you're much -and sometimes only a bit - beyond that date the caulk does not dry properly and is therefore easy to unintentionally wipe off.

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