replacing slider screen door with hinged door

lostmotionOctober 3, 2013

We have an Andersen french door looking slider. Although both sections look alike only one moves and has its own slider screen door. The other section rests against the sill and head jamb and is stationary. Being between the kitchen dining area and deck it gets a lot of warm weather traffic.

Manually closing the screen door gets to be annoying, especially when your hands are full. Has anyone ever installed a conventional hinged door to replace a sliding screen door? This is a light door with no provisions for installing a heavy storm window in it, so weight would would not be an issue. The stationary section looks more than robust enough to hold a screen door and has about a 6" wide stile to attach the hinge side to.
Thanks for your input, Jim

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Any Andersen Warranty will be null and void. I would need to look at the details later this evening but I cannot see how you would attached it for proper sealing without a bunch of blocking which would look like ass in my opinion. Ryobi used to make a sliding door screen closer.

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There are a number of tapes and technical adhesives used in the adhesion of metal to metal, so the hinges should not be a problem.
However, the fit, and latching will be a challenge.

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