please rate this caulking job.

auntyaraOctober 30, 2013

my contractor said it's fine. I think not

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Can't tell what we are looking at. I need better pictures. I suspect that what is caulked should not need caulk or should not be caulked, but....

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Yes, a better pic is needed. But, it looks like a location that a vented soffit intersects another vented soffit? If that's the case then ionized is correct. That shouldn't need caulk or have caulk applied. Caulk never makes up for mismeasuring.

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I give it 2 Tubes out of 10.

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2 tubes out of 10 lol very funny!
here are some other pictures
this is the upper corner above my front door, so I really want it to look as nice as possible

It's hard to see but the caulk has gaps around the edges too. I thought caulk was supposed to be smoothed into the area not just gobbed on. I'm semi clueless when it come to caulk on the outside of a house

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There should not be any caulk there. The outer cladding materials of homes are supposed to shed water by making it run down hill. It is not supposed to be sealed.

Sometimes caulk is used for appearance, to smooth the transition between things when painting. If there is a large gap where this caulk is, someone measured something wrong when the work was done. Was work recently done?

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yes I had to do the final walk around before he was finished because we had to got to a barbeque to meet our new inlaws. I contacted him to tell him there was a few things that need attention and he got a bit crabby but said he would come by today and look.
Is it true that you shouldn't mitre cut the trim around the windows because they will break off?
and what about this?


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