I love men!

lpinkmountainJune 19, 2006

The comment in one of the posts about "male bashing" really hit a nerve with me. I don't want to stereotype, but I've often heard male bashing accusations from some extremely sensitive and somewhat insecure guys, my brother being one of them. Love him to death, but he thinks I have a chip on my shoulder because I complain about a few jerky ex-boyfriends. The chip thing is a little illogical, when you consider that my BEST friend is male, and among my bestest, bestest friends are three more men. Then there's my circle of good close friends, which includes three single guys, plus the hubbies of my close girlfriends, all of whom are dears too. Then there's the many, many WONDERFUL male work colleagues I've had over the years--smart, creative, supportive, hard working, dedicated, accomplished . . .

So what all do I love about men? Let me count the ways. I love that men are "doers." Women cogitate and discuss before acting, which isn't bad, but I like the forward momentum men have, (in every way!) ;-) Women have such chatter-filled minds, I find the presence of men soothing. I love their humor. I love the way they stand up and come through, I can count on them. I like their muscles, they can open the jar of pickles! I can get it open myself, but I like it when they help out. I like to nurture them when they are appreciative. I like that men are "hard" in that they don't have that layer of fat that women have. Even the pudgy ones have a whole different build than me, which is groovy. I like their expressive eyes that seem like windows into their souls. I like to be with men who respect me and femininity in general, not in a condescending way. They value women fully, and value their feminine side as well as valuing my masculine side. The reality is that these are just labels, so when I'm with a good man I can be fully myself. I feel more feminine when I'm with my men friends, they are holding up the other half of the sky. I get to feel like a real woman when I'm with a real man. I like the way men show you they care by going out into the jungle of the 7-11 and bringing home the bacon and/or milk. I feel protected and safe when I'm with my men friends. I can exhale, to quote an author who has also been accused of male bashing. I love it when men get enthusiastic, when they let that joy filled little boy come out and play. I love the daddies of this world!

Well, that's enough for me.

Ladies what else do you love about men?

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Wow, what a mouth full lpinkmountain! I too love men who are doers, who know how to treat me like the lady I am, and who take charge. I love men who still open doors for women, and take you out to dinner without expecting you to pay half. I worked in an environment where the mixture was male and female, and in one where the mass majority were females. Please believe me, it was a much happier environment where there were males!

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