Underarm Shields

mishkynMay 28, 2008

Dear Forum,

I am a new member---longtime sewer and crafter, and also love wearing delicate natural fabrics, especially silk.

Unfortunately, most deoderants tend to leave behind enough residue to stain silk blouses, no matter how little you perspire.

I have purchased dress shields in the past and found them to be cumbersome, noisy--strange, but true, they un-stick from the garments etc.

I would like to make my own shields, but have been unable to find any information on the web about doing so. I would like to use 3-4 layers of tee shirt material. Any ideas?



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How would it work to take the purchased ones and use them as a pattern to cut your own? You could then zig-zag or serge the edges of your tee shirt material together and put what ever sort of attachments that you want to use on your blouses.

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Oh, that brings back memories. My aunt used to wear those regularly and they were always washed and hung in her bathroom to dry. I didn't know what they were until someone told me!

I like making light cotton shels (or you could make them out of something slinky, if you like) to go underneath see-through type of fabric. If you made a little cap sleeve on it, you could line the underarm area with your shields, couldn't you? Then the garment could slip over the whole thing. Just a thought.

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Have you ever tried to use the natural deoderant crystal? It is clear, you just wet it and put it on or use right out of the shower while you are still wet. My husband and I both have one. My husband is a mailmain and is out in all type of weather and by the end of the day he never smells bad. I started to use it because years ago I had trouble with some sort of blockage under my arms with the glads. These rocks last for a long time too. I got my first one from a vitamin book, some beauty supply places sell them too. Here is a site that sells one similar to mine. http://www.pureandnaturaldeodorant.com/productCat49926.ctlg
Here is another one http://www.herbspro.com/15182/LeCrystalNaturelDeodorantCrystalRock.htm
Good luck!

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