How would you put hardware on this door?

MizLizzieMay 19, 2013

I will have an Elux oven installation just like this picture from Houzz. The same Blum hardware on the micro garage. And -- scary! -- even the same pulls. My cabs will be cream, not white, with a warming drawer under the oven, otherwise, very similar.

In this picture, they have one pull mounted at the bottom. I was thinking of using two. Or maybe even putting them up mid-panel like a drawer. Any thoughts on what would look the best?

Here is a link that might be useful: Oven column on Houzz

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I think it looks fine in the picture. Except, that microwave door covers most of the TV when it's up and in use. Annoying, if you're going to the trouble of putting a TV in the kitchen. Too bad the door can't slide back into the cab when it's in use. Not that you asked our opinion on that. :)

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Oh, sorry. I will have china storage above. No TV. China that we use only twice a year, thank God. My KD thought we'd get a bit more usable space with this configuration than the roll in. For a TV, tho, you are quite right.

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I think either way would look fine. I'd go with whatever way puts less stress on the door and hinges when lifting and closing.

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I thinking would place the pull exactly as pictured for two reasons. One, you won't have to reach up as far as if the pull was mid-panel. Two, another ease of use reason, I would only install one pull so the front could be pulled up more easily. I would think you might approach the MW with food bowl already in hand leaving only one free for opening. Grabbing a center pull would put less stress on the panel and hardware than grabbing one that was installed on the side.

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Good point regarding stress on hinges. Breezygirl, you are exactly right. I never thought of that. I rarely use the microwave, but when I do, that's how I do it. BTW, as you see, I lost my lovely micro-drawer in the design. My kitchen is just too small.

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I would go with the single pull at the bottom - If you can get it to slide in above the MW, it won't block the upper cabinet. (as Linelle and Breezy suggested)

The reason for one pull - if you have something in your other hand, you only need one hand to open it.

Too bad about your MW drawer - we all had to give up some hopeful items...

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MizLizzie, I knew you were too smart to put a TV up there and then cover it with the MW cab door. :) Can you just imagine the kerfuffle during playoffs?

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