Help: Making a fitted sheet smaller.

bobkattMay 27, 2012

I have a pull out sofa bed that measures 52 x 72 inches. Mattress is 4.5 thick and I have an inch topper to put on it. I just bought a new full size sheet which is 54 wide by 75 long. Pocket seams are 8 inches long. It is 500 thread count cotton and has an elastic all the way around

So I have to shorten it lengthwise 3 inches and width wise 2 inches. Do I have to rip it apart and redo it? or is there another way. I haven't really done any elastics yet and was trying to avoid that if I can but will give it a shot if that is the only way to do it.

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Put the sheet on the mattress inside out so the seams are on the outside. Smooth it out so you have equal distance from the corners on top and bottomNow take your pins and pin new corners so they fit. You may have to move the seam a bit to get it to fit right. As for the elastic see if you can taper the seam to it. After all you are going to have lots to tuck in and the elastic will make it forgiving. After you have all four corners take it to the machine and run a basting stitch on the corners along your pin line. Tie the bobbin and top threads together so it won't untravel and try it on. Make any adjustments and then permanently sew the seams securly. You can trim off the extra and overcast the raw edges or just leave it if it doesn't bother you

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Thank you,
Just so I am clear on instructions.
will I be making a seam all around the mattress where the top edges would be? or will I be making a new seam only in the areas near the four existing corner seams?

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No just make new corners. That is all that is needed to make them fit. The excess can be tucked in under the mattress and the elastic being all around will hold it there. You will be taking the corners in about an inch on the width and an inch and a half on the length so on the head and foot it will be an inch for the width and on the sides it will be about 1 1/2 inches on each end for the length. When you sew it start at what will be your new top corners and taper it to the elastic and let the elastic do the work of tightening the bottom. so each corner seam will be 1 in x 1 1/2 inches from the existing corner seam at the top and tapering to nothing at the bottom

If you still don't like the look then sew the corners straight down and go right over the elastic then sew back and forth over the elastic to strengthen the seam but I really think the tapering will be enough

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You might want to launder the sheet first to see how much(or if)it will shrink before you alter it.

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