OT - A Scene from the home of our own Bayareafrancy

budsterMay 13, 2009

Her DH drives up to his own little haven, his bit of paradise on earth......past the white picket fence and immaculate lawn. He approaches the front door and upon entering smells something enticing coming from the general area of the kitchen. He leaves the cares of his work-a-day world at the front door and eagerly heads towards the souce of this wonderous aroma. In the kitchen his own Domestic Goddess stands at the stove wearing that very fetching cupcake wrap-around apron thing she made with her own clever little hands.....his very own cupcake he thinks to himself. Francy turns and smiles that ever so welcoming smile she saves just for him...."Dinner will be ready shortly dear, go sit down and read the paper, I'll bring you something to sip and join you in a minute. The kids are watching T.V. in the rec. room." He heads to the front room, glancing in on his children all enthralled in a remake of an old "Father Knows Best" show running on the D.V.D. His Francy , she knows her stuff he thinks, she insisted on buying all those old 50's shows on DVD just so she could recreate the same authentic look in her own domicle. He settles down and notices the dining room table has been set with fresh flowers, candles, the good dishes.....something is up...but what?? Just then Francy appears still wrapped in that cupcake apron....but looking different somehow....."I'm one lucky guy" he thinks to himself. Francy hands him a tall, cool glass of *whatever, wine, beer, lemonade - editors note must check booze cabinet at francy's next time* , she settles on his knee...."I made your favorite ....*dang gotta check that out as well- editor note to self!*for dinner...but before then, I've got something to tell you......" He looks at her a little unsure....they don't keep secrets. What he wonders is up?

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