Moving Attic Access -- Same Rafter or Different ??

wrldrulerOctober 18, 2008

I am converting my garage into a family room. I have an existing access panel for the garage attic. Problem is that it is located right next to where I want to install a ceiling fan. The fan blades will block the access panel, so I want to move the opening just enough to avoid the fan.

The current opening was made by cutting one 2x10 rafter, and heading it off.

I have 2 choices. I can move my opening like 12 inches North, or like 32 inches West. I need your advice on what is more structurally sound.

For the North option, I would stay in the same rafter bays. I would cut the same rafter another 12 inches or so, and put another header board across.

For the West option, I would jump to a different set of bays. I would cut a new rafter, and add header boards across.

Sturturally speaking, which is my better option? Cut the same rafter another 12 inches, or cut a new rafter?



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If you frame it correctly, it doesn't matter where you put it.

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I agree, either bay is fine. I would use joist brackets and double that header. Cut back 2 bays if a larger opening is more useful. No problems if done correctly

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