What could I do with this ceiling?

gibby2015July 20, 2014

This is the family room at our weekend lake place. I'm going to embark on wallpaper removal this fall. I'm also going to have beadboard wainscot added to the lower section where the dark wallpaper is. That just goes along the one outside wall. Everything else will just be painted.

This room has an 8ft popcorn ceiling that has to have something done with it. An upstairs toilet has leaked and it's stained. DH also wants the plumbing pipes in the ceiling insulated because he doesn't like hearing stuff tumbling through the pipes after someone upstairs flushes the toilet.

All the wood work in the house is this oak other that the main floor vaulted ceiling which is pine and a three season porch with cedar walls and ceiling. I've been thinking about a wood ceiling but a little concerned about it ending up looking like a cave with the 8 ft ceiling. Though the porch also has an eight foot ceiling and that doesn't bother me. I do want something that would better "tolerate" leaks if that were to happen again.

I wonder about what type of wood. Here where the ceiling is so close to everything else I feel like it might not be good to have a different kind of wood. Should it be a beadboard ceiling? Should it be a lighter color than the walls - kind of a whitewash or should it be the same? Or should it be something else entirely.

The overall look of this place is kind of an eclectic mix of stuff and a little bit cabiny but not extreme. I'll add another photo after this that shows the main floor so you can see what I mean

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Here's the main floor

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Ideas anyone?

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I don't know of any material that will tolerate leaks. I would put drywall up there and paint it white.

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Yes, if you are concerned with leaks, drywall is the best option. First, in my experiences, drywall will *show* the leak rather quickly because it soaks right through, as compared to if you had, say, beadboard. Drywall is also the most easily replaced material should a leak occur.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would dry wall and paint it a color...light, but not white.

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I'd go with drywall, as well.

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Thanks! I will talk to the contractor about just ripping the popcorn ceiling out then and replacing with flat drywall along with insulation of the drain pipe. I would kind of like some simple crown molding then if I have a plain ceiling. Guess I will look into that too while I'm at it.

Ya, you're right you do see a leak very quickly which is an important point.

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