Well, in two weeks, I'm unemployed

junkyardgirlJune 22, 2008

I resigned, gave my two weeks notice. Long story, but it ended with my Asst. Mgr. raising her voice in an angry tone to me, and me very calmly asking her for a sheet of paper to write up my resignation.

I resolved long ago not to accept abuse from anyone, and that, in my book, was abuse.

It was a horrible week last week, and I had just had it up to my eyeballs with this place. I've been there over two years, and it has always been stressful, but got a lot worse when we changed store managers. The new Asst. is so hell bent on making him happy, that she overdoes things.

Well, he's not going to like coming home from vacation to find out that one of his best employees resigned. I'm determined not to go back this time. I quit once before, and had my department manager talk me into coming back.

In the last year, it's gotten so bad I have actually had to go on medication just to be able to go to work every day. Then I started talking to other employees, and you would not believe how many of them are on anti-depressants and tranquilizers! I just refuse to have to take chemicals into my body in order to tolerate my working environment.

I have a mandatory meeting in the morning early, and the manager should be back from vacation and there by then. We'll see if he even mentions it, or just lets me walk out. In a way, I hope he just lets me go. It would confirm what I've said all along, that they are trying to get certain people to quit, especially those making over $8 an hour.

I'm going to apply for unemployment under "hostile work environment". I actually have proof that I've complained about this before.

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You go girl!!

I know it's hard thinking about being unemployed, but as you said, it is NOT worth killing yourself over.

Wishing you my best and adding you to my prayers for a right and perfect situation for you.


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Well, I've done the same thing so now we're in the same boat. Fortunately, I have another job to go to.

Good luck to you, junkyardgirl. Standing up for yourself is paramount in all aspects of our lives, and your peace of mind is worth more than you probably know at this point.

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I wish I had another job to go to. This was a good job, and I doubt I'll find something better, but it was a long drive, and too little money, and a boss who wanted me gone, so I guess even being broke would be better.

I still have two paychecks coming, plus a small check once a month from Worker's Comp, so I should be fine for another month while I find something else, and sell everything I own! LOL

Heck, I might even get a couple of roommates. At least I'd have someone to take care of the animals if I went on a trip. It gets sort of lonely here by myself sometimes.

I'm a survivor. I made a vow to myself a long time ago, after being raised in an abusive family, marrying an abusive man, and having relationships with several verbally if not physically abusive men, that I would just REFUSE THE ABUSE, as Oprah says.

I should start a website named that, for all people like me who are tired of being treated like crap.

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jyg, wishing you only the best. I hope you find your dream job soon!

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