White Reef Granite?

geminigirl620May 22, 2012

Anyone ever heard of this granite? I know the names are changed with the wind, but I recently found a slab I like (after exhaustive searching), but it failed the etch test. It did NOT etch like marble, was much less noticeable, but it etched nonetheless unlike all the other granites I'd looked at and tested.

Could this stone be labelled incorrectly. Or just a slab with alot of calcite? Not sure if it was sealed.

I don't have a pic, but it was a light cream/gray background with subtle striations of tan.


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I haven't heard of this granite name but did google it without success. I also looked at two web sites - marble.com and 1000granitecolors.com and didn't see this name. Maybe take a look and see if you see something that looks similar? Good luck.

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The granite yard may have named it themselves. Sometimes they do that. It sounds a little like bianco ramano. The slabs I've been seeing lately look nothing like the ones I saw last year. They have a lot more white in the background and more yellow gold tan in them along with the gray. Truly beautiful and crisp coloring.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I can't find any info either. The granite place said it is from a small quarry in Australia and just may have more calcite than other stones. It had, however, not been sealed by the granite yard, just at the quarry.

Here is a pic...

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That slab looks interesting. Where are you located? I'm in the Boston, MA area.


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I am in the Philadelphia area. The stone was found at at "exotic" stone place in Trenton, NJ.

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That looks like Fantasy Brown Quartzite to me. See link--if it doesn't work, just google images for 'Fantasy Brown Quartzite'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fantasy Brown

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Thanks for the information. Wow, that picture of Fantasy Brown is exactly what it looks like. But I am dubious that my stone is quartzite. I am deliberating between the White Reef (granite) and Madre Perla quartzite and the quartzite is a MUCH denser feeling stone.

But Fantasy Brown could well have a slightly different composition.

Also, I noticed my pic of the White Reef looks quite pronounced in its color variation in the photo. In reality, it is very creamy and subtle with more "undertones" of color.

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I looked at both Fantasy Brown and Madre Perla, and played with samples at home, early in my countertop search. I found that Fantasy Brown etched like crazy (contrary to what some others said on GW) with acidic fluids like lemon juice, and the Madre Perla did not.

I think the composition of the two is different, and different quartzites, even different slabs of the same quartzite, contain different amounts of calcite which makes them succeptable to etching.

Both beautiful stones, though.

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Hi, gemini girl, I went to that granite place in trenton today. i spent 4 hrs there....I am debating between granite, quartz and quartzite. I also liked the white reef alot and was totally sold in it. I left a deposit for it...I took a piece home, and it does etch...I tested w/ a butter knife and it leaves marks. I also dragged a plate across and that scratched it too. so now I am at a loss as too what to choose.

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Found this thread while searching "white reef granite". My brother is in PA and looking at it for his kitchen. Was wondering what granite place in Trenton you went to and where you found all the quartzite. Not many places have it in stock. Sort of fell in love with a marble called White Danby, but did not want marble in his kitchen due to concerns about scratches, stains, etc. Have been looking for something similar ever since. What did you ultimately decide?

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