junelynnJune 9, 2003

Where do you go? With friends or alone? Go see friends or go with friends and then not have a by-yourself vacation? I've done both, gone alone and gone to friends and enjoy doing both.


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I'm married, but have many single/divorced/widowed friends. I get together often and also travel with them periodically.
Many of these women are my very closest friends. They are free to visit my home most any time, and they are always ready to take off and do fun things if my husband is working. I don't mind being alone, but in today's world, I would be a little uneasy traveling a long distance alone.
It is nice doing things alone on occasion. I love to be free to go, leave, do whatever I want when I want and not have to consider anyone else. :))

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There was a period in my life when I traveled alone as a matter of course. I enjoyed it tremendously. But times have changed and so have I. Now I prefer to have company, especially on a road trip. Not that I get away very often anymore; not a lot of travel money in the budget. But one vacation I take annually is to Hilton Head for a week of seniors' tennis clinics. There are usually 30-35 of us and we condo together, eat together and of course it's easy to put together a tennis foursome with similarly creaking joints.


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I travel alone or with family. The last time I went traveling with a friend was about 10 years ago, and although we had a good time, I wouldn't do it again except under special circumstances - something like a city travel package with a good, cheap hotel included in the price. My best friend would not be able to sleep in some of the places I've found comfortable, and I can't afford the places she prefers.

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