I'm not getting emails?

debrak_2008May 12, 2013

For some reason I am no longer getting emails on thread up dates. I've checked my profile but don't see anything wrong. Any ideas?

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I'm not either...I tried to update my profile again and keep getting an error message.

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A couple days ago I noticed I would get some and not others even on the same thread.

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I'm not getting emails anymore either...my profile is up-to-date as well.

I've always gotten them in the past. They seem to have stopped 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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I've been using GardenWeb for a couple weeks, and I've never gotten a single email. I've been bookmarking the threads I want to check for updates and revisiting them periodically. Email notifications would be much better.

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I had the same thing happen. Contacted Garden Web about a year ago and someone wrote back it had to be a problem on my end; probably my internet provider blocking the emails. Didn't make sense.

When GW asked for suggestions on how to improve their website a few months ago I tried again and sent an email to webmaster@gardenweb.com with Attention Tamara in the subject line. After much testing with permission to temp change my password she and her team were able to figure it out.

Here's what she emailed me regarding the reason :

"There was a glitch that allowed someone to register for your membername. Once they registered, they couldn't use the name, but it sort of confused the database. LOL. You could still continue to post, but when it needed to send email, for instance, it didn't know where to send it. That's sort of a simplified way of breaking it down. Once we removed the other account, everything fixed itself."

I also couldn't save clippings. I'd click to save it would take forever to get the message that it was saved and also take forever to pull up my clippings and even though it said saved it wasn't in there. After she fixed my email problem the clipping problem also resolved.

So maybe you have something similar going on. Try Tamara.
Good luck.

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I have been receiving all of the above post in my email, following the post I made today, with the request that I be notification when post where made on this thread.

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Interesting; I just figured it was broken for everyone. Clippings work fine for me, and I've checked the required checkbox in the profile page. Below where I"m typing this it says "A copy of further followups will be emailed to this poster." because I checked it when I posted earlier. But no emails.

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I just send an email to Tamara. Hope we can get this resolved.

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Hi folks,

I'm looking into why this seems to be an issue. A few months ago, we changed our email program and this really helped our deliverability, so I'm not sure what is causing this sudden spike in non-deliverables. Island's case was something very specific and that wouldn't affect most of you. If you are having this problem, would you mind contacting me directly, so that I can investigate case-by-case? When you write, please tell me:

1. How long has this been happening?
2. Post notifications or member-to-member email?
3. Have you changed your email address recently?


tamara.amey @ nbcuni.com

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Thanks! I just sent you an email. Hope we can fix it :)

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I'm still not getting emails. Contacted Tamara again and she said the issue is with verizon. Appears verizon is blocking the emails. Perhaps thinking that are spam??? They are working on it.

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Debrak. That's what GW originally told me that my internet provider (ATT) was blocking my emails even though I always had the same internet provider and they didn't start blocking any emails from other sites like Houzz Travel Advisor etc. Didn't makes sense and as I mentioned up post that turned out to not be the problem. Did you change internet providers?

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