mjmercerJune 25, 2005

OK: Gene got us talking about cool cars (how's that Miata doin' btw?). So I figured I'd start a thread devoted to the topic. Specifically, what was the sweetest car you've ever owned? A muscle car? A luxury sedan? A hatchback that ran and ran and never caused you a minute's worth of trouble?

I'll start.

Believe it or not, the BEST car I ever owned was a four-door 1996 Geo Metro sedan. Five-speed with all the other options I could ever ask for: a/c, cassette deck with CD player (which I didn't even notice for the first year I owned the car! lolol), exquisite dependability. That car never let me down for one second. Foolish me: I sold it and bought a 1991 BMW 318iS. Now THAT was a lousy car! Whatta piece o' junk. If only I'd listened to my gut and my mechanic.

I put up with the BMW for two years and finally dumped it for yet another four-door Metro sedan. This one doesn't have the CD player, which I came to love in the other Metro. It's also an automatic, and I would prefer a stick shift. But it's got the same perkiness and dependability that I loved in my first Metro.

Moral of my story: no more BMWs! (typed in my best Joan Crawford voice)

OK, who's next?


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I've had several that I liked. My blue Formula Firebird was my favorite. A tree had fallen on my previous car so I bought my Firebird after work getting only one brief look with a flashlight while shopping after dark. I thought I was buying a 4 cylinder transportation special because I never even looked under the hood. Only after I went to pick it up and actually test drove it that it began to sink in that I owned a real sports car. Because I thought I was dealing on a just a cheap set of used wheels I had offered the dealership half the asking price and they accepted so I pretty much stole the car from them. Much of the engine had been modified for even more power and the tires were burned off the back so it looked like a risky deal. It cost me a couple thousand to put new tires, brakes, battery, shocks, and a muffler on it but that put it in in great shape. After getting 11 mpg for a couple months I had some of the performance parts taken out of the engine and mileage jumped to 20 mpg... not bad for a car that go from stopped to over 100 mph in less then 10 seconds. It was frightening to step on the gas as the whole car would twist out of shape as the engine roared to life causing it to head for the ditch if you didn't have both hands on the wheel. I was a bit younger then and totally enjoyed the thrill... good thing I live in cow country or I would have been ticketed to death.

I drove it up till 3-4 years ago when it developed some minor mechanical problems. I parked it in the driveway one day and started driving my Bravada truck to work and there it still sits. For a couple thousand I can fix it up with a new paint job and probably drive it for a few more years... if I ever get around to it.

The Bravada was a very close tie for favorite with All Wheel Drive and four doors. It was a much better truck then my current Blazer.

: )

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Hello, Karen and Michael. When I retired I did consulting but on the side I bought salvaged vehicles. My first was a 2-door, 5-speed, 3-cylinder Geo Metro. It took a long time to have the body fixed. I found people in that business are the major customers of companies selling salvaged cars. Anyway, I enjoyed driving it as well as about any car I have owned. I averaged 48MPG; it rode smoothly; and the A/C was absolutely the best of any car in which I'd ridden. I would have one now if it was not for the occasional necessity of having a 4WD. I think by owning one you have made a good choice.

Michael, what is it about muscle cars that attracts us all. That's a fine looking Firebird. I'd imagine it's increasing in value every day it sits whether or not it needs work done on it. I hope you eventually fix and drive it. From the way you speak you'd miss it greatly if sold.

Regards to all, Gene

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My first is still my favorite. I was living in the backwoods of Maine at the time so I had to have 4WD. Through the local paper I ended up buying a 1988 (this was in 1994) Subaru XT6 that had all the bells and whistles. It was the perfect sports car for Maine.

However, it hated the move to Texas and I paid through the nose for that. ;) (pneumatic air suspension went out on each front tire, power steering went out, etc.) Eventually the transmission went when I was driving home from a Christmas party at 12:30 a.m. As I walked the 2 miles to the nearest pay phone a drunk college kid in a Honda del Sol rear-ended my vehicle which had a full tank of gas. Kaboom. Kid was not injured but they were only able to identify my vehicle by a serial no. on one of the parts.

The car was good to me at the end.:) Since Subaru was not a popular car choice in Central Texas at the time (and certainly not a limited edition sports car Subaru!) the insurance adjuster was unable to locate any similar vehicles bought/sold in Texas in the 3 months prior to the loss, so he had to pay me full Blue Book value (for a car which still didn't have power steering and whose transmmission had died! LOL) Since I bought the car for less than Blue Book wholesale 2 years prior, I actually made $1500 on the deal, which helped with the downpayment on my next vehicle (a rather staid American-made Pontiac Grand Am ;)


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