Are you the right one for the job??

DaisyduckworthJune 27, 2003

We've talked about the sort of person we'd like to find to share our lives (if we are that way inclined), so here's a new twist on the usual 'tall, dark, handsome, considerate, sober, SOH' stuff.

Since I've had to take the role of the following in my life at some time:

mother, psychologist, cleaner, chef, scullery maid, dietician, laundry-woman, gardener, marketing expert, economist, tactitian/strategist, business-adviser, banker, diplomat, child-care expert, hostess, waitress, day-nurse, night-nurse, chauffeur, painter/plasterer, seamstress, wardrobe controller, hairdresser, beautician, sports coach, fitness trainer, handy(wo)man, ghost-buster, runner-around-with pooper-scooper, bottle-washer, lover-extraordinaire, general factotum and dogsbody/gopher (etc);

I think it's only fair and reasonable that any male wanting to share his life with me should be prepared to take on the following roles:

electrician, plumber, carpenter/builder, bricklayer, car mechanic, fencing contractor, gutter-cleaner, tiler, carpet-cleaner, landscape designer/gardener, painter/plasterer, computer whizz, TV and VCR repairman, breadwinner, bodyguard, food-tester extraordinaire, furniture removalist, garbage putter-outer, interior designer, handyman, Mr Fix-it, knight of chivalry/dragon-killer, lover-extraordinaire, general factotum, and dogsbody/gopher (etc). (I don't need the child-carer any more, but some might add this to their list!)

Don't you agree?

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oh, absolutely! I'll add: creepy-bug-killer, occasional maid/cook, Giver of the Pet Food (so I stay in bed an extra 10 minutes every once in a while), heavy item lifter, pack-mule, jar-opener, listener, and chocolate-covered cherry feeder :)

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I'd add: nurse when I'm sick, playmate when I'm not. And it would be nice if he was handy with a sewing machine.


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If I could just find one to cook breakfast & rub my legs when I've been gardening or working all day...

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Well, I had all that. My soon-to-be ex could fix anything and would do any job I asked him to tackle. He was a wonderful friend but a horrible husband! I won't be dating any time soon, but I have a pretty good idea of my priorities.

I'm more interested in character and integrity. No lying, no sneaking and no giving lip service to personal values. I'm no saint, but I think honesty and integrity are far more important to me today than just about anything else.

My ideal guy would be very intelligent, have interesting hobbies, be able to express his true feelings and have a great sense of humor. He wouldn't be overly defensive and he'd have to have an aversion to lying and sneaking. He should be confident and assertive without being arrogant or cocky. He should be gentle and strong all at the same time. Nobody's perfect, but he would have to be someone I could love warts and all and he'd have to accept me, warts and all.

Two lessons I learned the hard way:
1. Never marry a man who isn't good to his parents.
2. When somebody shows you how they are, believe them. Because people don't change.


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I highly agree on both number one and number 2, regardless of the gender, Puddlejumper

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Good point, Tinmantu. Being a good human is not gender specific.


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