drilling scew in brick

olgam89October 26, 2006

Hi, stupid question probably, but I have an exposed brick wall and would like to place a screw in it to hang a picture, can I just drill on it or will the make it crumble. Also the wall is covering in some weird dust, how do I get that off?

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You can drill in it, but you should use a masonry bit, not a regular one. I would drill into the mortar rather than the brick face so it won't be as obvious if you take the picture down. You can get a box of concrete screws, with the proper drill bit included, at Home Depot for $6-$7. If you use another kind of screw, it could loosen up over time, or you would need to drill an oversize hole that would be big enough for a concrete anchor plug that you could screw into.

As for the dust, unless it's loose and can be vacuumed, it's probably old mortar stain and would be a nightmare to clean and you would have to use a particular acid. I'd live with it or paint the brick if it's so spotty it bothers you.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll give that tool bit a try.

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The screws that HD sells are called Tapcon. They are designed for masonry and do come with a bit. Take your time drilling. Go all the way into the mortar. Like kudzu said dont go into the brick. It is too hard, takes forever AND it might crack.

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Tapcons are designed to go into the masonry not the mortar. If all you want to do is hang a picture, use a plastic anchor and screw inserted into a hole drilled (proper sized masonry bit)in the mortar.

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Plastic anchors are evil. Use RAMSET or similar. Anything but those plastic things.

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I use lead anchors and find they work very well.

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For a load like a picture a plastic anchor and a wood screw are all you need.
They are easily removed and the hole in the mortar repaired if you ever need to.

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