Do contractors get paid for travel time?

thahalibutOctober 21, 2009

I was wondering what the "normal" way of doing it was. We had someone come out & do a small job & I kept track of the hrs. It seems they charged us for them to drive back to their (local) shop & get some pipe & come back. I wasnt expecting to be charged & was wondering if this is the way its usually done.

Not a big deal but I would like to know what the norm is.


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Time on the job. I used to have a flat fee for supplies before the job.

If I bid a job by the hour, any time needed for supplies not planned for was included in the bill.

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Contractors (as well as any other professional) charge you from the time they leave their house until the time they return thereto.

Time spent picking up materials, ordering materials, placing materials, consulting with other professionals, administering the project or otherwise making sure your job gets done is part of the total and overall cost...and should be.

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Yes, getting materials is chargeable.

I might quibble if they forgot something they knew they should have had on hand.

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