Best Place to Order Window Coverings??

gaylJuly 26, 2012

I need some window coverings in a few of my rooms and and am trying to figure out the best way to order them. And the best way to figure out just what I need/want. I know I want top/down bottom/up coverings. Don't want mini-blinds or pleated shades. I want fabric with texture. I also don't want to pay premium prices if I don't need to.

Have you had luck ordering on-line without really seeing what you are getting? Are the blind stores the way to go? I went into one, but they were totally non-helpful. How about the people who don't have a storefront, but come to your home? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I have sort of off white cotton duck soft roman shades in my office, that I just got from Smith and Noble. Pretty good value IMHO

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I hope you get more responses, as I am thinking along the same line for some of my window needs.

I need privacy, but want the warmth, color, texture of fabric. I also want to be able to open for light purposes (top down) and still have the privacy.

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I found S&N to be more expensive than using the local Calico Corners, but prices can vary at both depending on what you're having made.
I used a local (not a chain) supplier that does house calls when I purchased blinds for this house, and found their prices fair, but I'm not sure they would be good at helping select fabric for my home.

Other options: check CraigsList for a local seamstress that specializes in window treatments, and don't forget JCP.

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hmmm...I just can't help thinking there has to be more of you out there who have had this same situation come up did you deal with this?

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I recently had a 17 year old cellular shade break. I'm kind of tired of this type of shade, but needed to replace it so it wasn't the only window in the room without a shade. Prices were ALL over the place. I opted for (best price). If you are unsure of what you want, I would look locally, bring home a few options from a big box (easily returnable) and then compare online. Yes, it's time consuming, but if you want to save $$, it's the best way.

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If you want top down/bottom up, the only product that does that is cellular (pleated) shades, as far as I know.

So that's your first decision. If you are willing to give up that aspect, then there are lots of ways to go. Post a photo of the first set of windows you want to dress and we can give you ideas.

I have purchased window treatments from on-line sellers several times to save money. They will send you free samples of their products. But you have to know what you want, you need to be able to accurately measure your windows, and you need to be able to install them.

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I just had a Smith and Noble consultant here to consult on window treatments. They have some deal that if you order three treatments the in home service is free (but I would confirm the exact number or dollar value.) I need many coverings so I figured even if I didn't love everything I would easily order at least 3 shades.

Regarding top down and bottom up, you can get things other than honeycomb shades (like fabric blinds or woven shades), but you may lose some upper real estate of the window because there is a top portion.

The consulant was very nice and seemed to have a handle on the huge stacks of samples. I like that I didn't just paw throught the samples, she picked things out based on what she heard from me, saw in the house and what she had seen from experience. I am the type that would spend hours looking for stuff and never pick so I was happy.

I haver ordered from them in the past. The quality is good (better than blinds to go which I have also used) and selection fairly broad (some traditional, some more contemporary.) I think their website is kind of klunky, but if you spend some time you can find a way to see how the different fabrics look on different blind types.

Good luck and I would be curious about other window treatment resources.

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Jennydotz might be worth at least a quick scan

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thanks everyone. I'm pretty sure I can order some roman-type top/down bottom/up shades, and maybe even silhouette-type. I don't think I have to get the cellular. I will check out some of your suggestions.

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If your windows are standard sizes, check Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, Country Curtains, Pottery Barn - all have/had roman shades but only in standard sizes. Even Target has them sometimes.

I am making very budget-conscious no-sew roman shades by dismantling some $4 miniblinds and gluing on fabric that I found on sale. Probably not what you're looking for but if you google it you can find several blogs detailing the steps.

If you go with cellular I found cordless ones at Lowe's (cut to fit) that were about $30/opening for my daughter's room and I liked them better than the top down/bottom up ones that I had from S&N for my own master bedroom - the cords kept breaking with very light use, they were not worth the $$$ I paid for them, IMO.

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Thanks, clubcracker. I don't want cellular, for sure. I want some type of fabric. I will check out some of your suggestions.

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I love ordering from Star Blinds. They have great customer service and the best prices/selections that I've found. What you are looking for, however, won't come cheap.

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