Single pets

bunnymanMay 31, 2004

Okay, I'll start a thread.

My pets make being single bearable. Yoko my little black cat crawls in bed with me and snores loudly all night long... almost human. Tuna my little white cat makes out half the grocery list. There are a few rabbit names that still bring tears to my eyes when I remember they have passed away.

Anyone else have four-legged friends to lean on?


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oh I do - for sure... Callie - 4 1/2 year old Sheltie...

She's at

Here is a link that might be useful: My web site

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So often I *advise* my other single friends to forgo getting a pet ... so much responsibility! Sometimes my 2 dogs' care just gets overwhelming. That is, I take it a bit too seriously (so I'm told). I hardly ever leave them overnight. And, if I do, I hire a sitter. I won't kennel them (unless it is absolutely necessary - i.e. an emergency) because I know how poorly they adjust. I race home every evening to get them fed and walked. Then I want to spend TIME with them - which means sitting around while they sleep! I won't turn on my A/C because they get cold. At my house, it's all about their comfort.

But, I LOVE my dogs! They're my best friends and I'll do just about anything for them. I don't think I could sleep at night without one of them laying on me, running me to the edge of the bed. Their wagging tails and happy faces greeting me at the door makes everything in the world seem *ok*. Oh, I can't wait to get home tonight!

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I so love dogs. Keep telling myself that I'm not home enough to have a dog. I run a 7 day work week and sometimes even bump it to 12 hour days. I would like a Papillion but a Sheltie would be high on the list of alternatives.

I thought my cats might not like the A/C but they lay right in front of it on hot days.

: )

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Three mini-schnauzers here! Addie, Liddy and Diego. Couldn't (alright, wouldn't want to) live w/o them. They're my best buds too. They all sleep on the bed w/ me, they've all got their spot. When I get home from work we go outside, come in, have a treat and play for awhile. Then they follow me around the house and try to sleep wherever I am, but they don't get much sleep b/c as soon as I leave the room, they feel they must follow me! I love them so much. I am constantly talking to them, singing to them - they're the kids I never had. Yes, they're a ton of trouble sometimes, and vet and grooming bills are rediculous, but I still love them.


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I have quite a few pets. I have 4 horses, 10 cats and 3 dogs at the present time. My horses were never broke to ride and now they are getting old, with the oldest being 27 and the youngest turning 20 this month (June). The cats are various ages for 14 or 15 on down to 2 years old. Two of The dogs are coming 3 and 4 and the oldest is about 14. All except the horses were dumped on the roadside by my property or are the offspring of a dumped cat. They do make life a little complicated because I really can't go anywhere that I will be gone overnight, not that I really want to anyway, but there are times when I would go somewhere after work but can't because I have to go the 30 miles home to feed the animals and make sure everyone is O. K.

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Welcome, Michael!

Yup, I'm a two-pet household. One dog (who does a little leaning on his own so I can't exactly 'lean' on him!) and one cat.

Sometimes they crack me up. We have all kinds of conversations and I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have them to tell things to at the end of the day. I love coming home to them, the house is too empty when there isn't a pet there. I have separation anxiety when the cat decides to stay out all night!!!

Michael, what is a Papillion?

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A Papillion is a little yap-yap dog. Papillion (sp?) is a french word for butterfly. The dog breed has ears with long hair so they look like a butterfly. Very smart but high strung little dogs. My sister had one that lived with me for a couple years and I really liked him.

My Yoko kitty talks to me all the time. I don't know if she speaks english or I speak cat but we fully understand each other.

: )

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My goodness, Judith! With so many critters around, how do you manage to remember how old each one is?! ;-) Seriously though, you must really care about them!

I think there's a language barrier between my pets and me. I tell them to do the dishes or mow the lawn while I'm gone but they never do. Sure wish they'd learn how!


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Lots of critters here, too. Not all of them were my idea, however. My 12 year old daughter thinks she is Dr. Dolittle and wants one of everything. We have two dogsÂa Yellow Lab and a Rat Terrier, two guinea pig, one bunny, one betta fish, one Western Hog-Nosed snake. If I would buy her a horse, her world would be complete! Only the two dogs were my idea.

Fortunately, my quasi-ex likes animals way more than he liked me and he doesn't mind critter duty if the kids and I go someplace.

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I just had to jump in here (engaged person lurking). I live alone (and will until the wedding in Sept.), and I started out with dogs for "protection". Single woman, living alone...yeah, I feel safer with my doberman mix around. But then I needed a "nanny dog" for him because he was alone while I was at work, so got another one. Then my doberman needed "rescuing", so I have three large dogs now.

I'm a sucker for pets needing homes, and hey, if you have to take care of some, why not lots, right? So my fiance is marrying a ready-made zoo dogs, fish, toads, frogs, lizards, and hermit crabs. LOL I like having animals around - things to "take care" of and nurture.

But we all know that pets are the best judge of character...if someone you're dating doesn't like your pets (or if the pets don't like them), it's a pretty good indication to *run* the other way, right? My dogs were always good "filters" for dates - they adore my fiance. ;-) Luckily, my fiance enjoys most of my pets, and tolerates the future MIL isn't too happy with my being so "tied down", but such is life (I have a good petsitter for when I need to travel). :-)

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Pets are just soooo lovable. You can talk to them anytime day or night. They will love you just the way you are. I have 2 Schipperke's,( Peppie & Maddy) 2 Great Pyrenees ( Melba & Zebulon) and 1 Belgian Sheepdog ( Kira )!! And I love them all.

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I used to observe how dates treated my dog. My old dog loved almost everyone on sight so that was no guarantee. But if they were at all unkind to my dog, or teased him, the relationship was OVER.

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Off topic, in a way.

I used to date a psychiatrist. [insert jokes here! ] One day a rather difficult patient came for her appointment with her dog. To the doctor's office, you know, those places where they try to keep things sanitary at all times? She plunked down in her chair with the dog between her and the doc and announced, "Love me, love my dog."

I agree that a mate will hopefully accept our pet(s) with us as a package deal, but should that be extended to one's psychiatrist also?? LOL

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Here's my fav friend!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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This is Tony who passed a couple years ago. He was the finest rabbit friend any human could ever have. This photo was taken on his last day so he does look a little rough. He was on his way across the lawn to feed on some tall weeds at the edge.

: )

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I live with four parrots, and they are great company. They are smart, amusing and fun.


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Can't live without 'em.

And now, the debut of the (almost) fully healed Miss Priss.

And... [drum roll, please--my dog thinks he's Elvis]...

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Too funny. Marilou, she is looking just fine and I love Elvis!

I will have to find a way to take and post pictures of mine. Because, they are beautiful.

I have a long haired tortise shell with white markings and her brother is grey striped with white markings. They are both large, 20 lbs. Repairman back out the door when a cat is coming to swab their ankles!

You have been a good nurse!

Did you get the dog and cat at the same time, for them to get along?

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WalksAlone... I use to post pics. I've upgraded to a pay account because I was happy with the free account. So far I've not been spammed by them which some "free" sites will do. Uploads are easy as they get and they seem to have plenty of speed.

There are others like that I was not happy with.

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Bunnyman, I have Webtv at home. Although at work... It has a slot in the receiver, I believe is for small floppys. There are disposable cameras, I could get the pictures developed on the cd, then upload?

I will do some research on webtv, but I am sure I could do that.

Thanks, got me thinking!

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I just picked up a set of pix + a CD from a disposable.
Is almost standard most places here. Check around tho as there was a $9 differnce between stores.

A major tightwad here,

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They get along about as well as a brother and sister would. ;o) The usual routine is for Elvis to butt into the cat's business and she gets P.O.'d, going off to sulk for awhile. Or the cat approaches the dog's water bowl while he's there snuffling and the dog ignores her.

The one time I saw them care about each other was when kitty came home from the hospital and Elvis camped by her, watching over her. He even licked her head once. But that's it, the *one* time in the eight years they've been together! :-) Well, I guess he did supervise her bandage changes, but then he supervises everything!

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