Diverting water from roof - no gutter

graywings123October 16, 2009

A friend has a bump out on his house where there is no gutter. Water coming down that stretch of roof drops off the edge of the shingles, splashing mud onto the side of the house and indenting the soil. Besides adding gutter - which he thinks would be unattractive - what options are there for diverters?

I suggested rain handler, but he is looking to put something on the roof, like a metal channel that would direct some of the water towards the gutters on either side of the bump out. Is there anything out there like that?

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An "L" shaped metal strip that slides under the shingles at a slight angle to the roof edge and diverts water to one or both sides can often work flawlessly for a short width and is best made of copper or factory finished aluminum in a dark color or a color similar to the shingles. I prefer the copper ones.

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Thanks, the metal strip idea is what he had in mind. You wonder why the builder didn't do it from the get-go.

Yes, the copper would be attractive.

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