How do you 'fill' the hole at the bottom of french doors?

copanoladyOctober 22, 2006

I have french doors which were installed from my kitchen to the patio last fall. The left door is kept stationery and the right one opens inward -so far so good. However I just now noticed a huge space where the doors meet at the bottom - at least it's huge to me - and it's big enough for all kinds of creepy crawley things that could come in even a small snake not to mention losing A.C. in the summer and cold coming in in the winter as the doors face north. I went to H.D. where they were bought and was told the insulation is short by about an inch (or two) and that's just the way they're made! Went to Lowe's and was told the same thing. I'm really appalled. Please help. The man who installed them for me is retired and very ill so I don't really want to bother him with it but there's GOT to be a solution. Please. Thank you.


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Contact the manufacturer. They should replace the short w-strip if it came that way.
Get one of those pieces of stuff known as "pile weatherstripping" like you see at the bottom corners of exterior doors. They are about 1 1/4 by 1 3/4. They appear as a piece of velvety material, and are self-stick. I'm not saying anything, but some exterior doors for sale in the aisles of home depot, etc. have them stapled to the door in a little bag. Sometimes these bags are known to fall off...
Things happen.


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Odds are it is just standard weather stripping that slides in and out. Home Depot sold you the door so they know which one. Go back and ask them about weather stripping for that door.

Home Depot didn't sell us our door 4 years ago. Everyone and their brother said a new front door. I described the problem to the kid (I guessed him to be 17 or 18 years old) at Home Depot and he sold me a weather stripping kit and he told me how to do it. I had to use a screw driver to pry out one end of the original door seal then just pull, then slide the new stuff in and cut off the excess. I had nothing to lose. It took $12.99, less than 5 minutes and for two years now not even air can get in anymore.

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Thanks for the replies.....but....remember these are french doors, not a standard door. Normal weather stripping does not work because there's no way to attach it. The left door has a bolt or pin to hold it stationary and the other one opens. So when both are closed, the issue is the space surounding the post - the gap between the two doors which don't meet because of the post. Casey, I printed out your suggestions so I'll remember what to ask for - the velvety material doesn't sound familar but I'll try. Gammyt, there are not grooves to slide weather stripping in at the bottom. I really did go to two H.D.'s and they insist they are all made that way. Really frustrating.

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some kind of pic would help. I thought initially I knew what area you were talking about, but now...? "the gap between the two doors which don't meet because of the post" What does this mean? I am not understanding.

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suggestion: buy one of those draft protectors that has two Styrofoam pieces and a piece of material in the middle.. slide one end under the left door and the other end under the right door(one door at a time and slide it right) and you'll have the draft stopped.

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Take a closer look at another door set in Home D or Lowes to compare. I vaguely recall that some of those doors have an extra gasket (brown, as I recall) that's stapled on at the bottom. Maybe it's missing.

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You need corner seal pads. These should be placed on the door that most often remains stationary, both on the bottom and the top on the door edge. They look like this:

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This thread is 6 years old! I'm sure they've probably solved the problem or even moved to a new house by now.

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