giallo ornamental granite???

lafrantzMay 4, 2012

I am smack dab in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel and am having a great deal of trouble choosing my granite. We are building our own kitchen cabinets (natural cherry) and they're near completion. I live in a log home so my granite choice is heavily influenced by the wood tone that I have surrounding me (honey pine tongue and groove on all walls and vaulted ceilings...wood everywhere!)I can't decide between Giallo Ornamental, Black Pearl, or Angola Black granite. I flip-flop between them several times a day. I love the classic look of the dark but am concerned about making my kitchen too dark and it showing dust and crumbs easily. Wonder too if I'll get tired of the busy look of the Giallo but at the same time I know it is lighter in color and wont show the inevitable crumbs and dust. Ahhhhh! My husband just wants me to choose one!

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How much natural light will there be in the kitchen? With the natural cherry cabinets, I like the darker granites. My only hesitation would be all the pine paneling *if* there's very little natural light. With natural light, I think you'll be fine.

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I honestly like the gallo ornamental with your cabinets. That granite paired with your cabs evokes a sense of warmth. Have you checked out pictures of the two combinations? Another website to try is: Under the search engine there, just type in the two color combos and they may have a lot of pics for you to see. I hope that helps without confusing you even more!

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One other thing about black--it shows EVERYTHING. Had I known that, I wouldn't have picked it for my bathroom counters. Maybe a kitchen, that gets wiped down more often it would be okay... But, I have the gallo ornamental color in my kitchen, and it hides everything. Love it. And, I think it goes well with Cherry.

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I also have giallo ornamental but with cream cabinets. I don't find the GO to be at all busy and what I do like about it is that when the sun does shine on it I see new little sparkles in it everytime. It isn't one of the exotic granites but it is beautiful in it's own right.

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I also have the giallo ornamental with chocolate brown cabinets and i love it. The thing i like the best is that there are no weird undertones in it. and it does not look busy, it beautiful. I would not choose black granite, its a real pain to keep the smears away. I know people with it and they regret getting it. Good luck.

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My giallo does not show dust or crumbs! It looks clean but when you run your hand along it, you find things.

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i get a fair amount of natural light,not saturated though. I am doing undercabinet lighting though. I'm just a little scared of so much beige/earthtones in my house. Jury is still out:-/

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Spent the morning looking at granite slabs and ended up with giallo ornamental light. So of course I came home and did another search on it just to torture myself some more. I wasn't really thinking about the darker ones showing crumbs etc I was more concerned about the look I was going for. I feel like I can relax now :-)

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