Scrapbooking Birthday Exchange

oldpeonyJuly 5, 2006

Would like 3-6 people who would be interested in forming an exchange for scrapbooking. Wouldn't it be nice to get several little packages in the mail on your birthday? We could just sent a grab bag or we could send premade pages in a preferred category (kids, vacation, heritage, etc.) I would be willing to coordinate this. We would probably need to have a questionnaire of some sort to make sure we sent something that was wanted. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this subject or are you interested? Ruth in Iowa.

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Sounds like fun.

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Dear Ruth,

Hi Ruth :) Hi Becki :)
I am both new to scrapbooking and posting in this forum :) - I didn't know they had a scrapbook forum, here!
I would love to join in on a scrapbooking birthday exchange for someone:) I just really love your idea so much!
I honestly don't have any ideas or suggestions because I'm only about 2 months into learning how to scrapbook.. But I like the questionare idea. That would help people.
Well,like I said, ladies, count me in.. I can't wait to see if any one else wants to too.

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Hi Becki and "homemadecountrylife": I watched my post for several days and there didn't seem to be any interest so wouldn't you know the minute I gave up two people posted. I'm so excited. I will give it until the end of the month to see if anyone else is interested.....we can always add people along the way. My preference would be to send a questionnaire to you privately and then you could return it the same way. I would like to exchange scrapbooking supplies and maybe one other thing people like (i.e., bath stuff, gardening stuff, sweets, reading material, etc.). Since we are from the west, south, and midwest, it might be interesting to see if we have different scrapbooking stuff. We could send premade embelishments for a page in our selected category: I am collecting things to do heritage scrapbooking and would love that. Feel free to e-mail me privately and let me know your thoughts. If we get one more person, or any even number, we could exchange with just one other person, or if we only have three I would say to send to both the other two people on their birthdays. Talk again soon. Ruth in Iowa

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Dear Ruth and Becki,

Everything sounds just fine by me :) I'm open to anything and try anything. I just like the idea of seeing what kind of scrapbooking stuff is all around the world.
My husband is really nice about taking me to diffrent scrapbook stores when ever we are out of town ( we have a poor selection of stuff here because our city is "small" in Cali standards...and we have over 130,000). Anyway, it's constantly amazing to see what's out there in terms of neat scrapbook stuff! So seeing what every one else has access to is really fun. And I think the questionaire is a great idea.
Have a nice evening,ladies.
~ Amanda

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Hello Everyone,
Why doesn't anyone want to do an exchange?? I've never heard of one so it's really neat sounding to me.
What do you think, Ruth & Becki? What should we do? I'm still up for it but if no one is interested I understand.
Have a nice day Ladies :)
~ Amanda

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Becki & Amanda: We could go ahead with just the three of us and send to the other two people, but I think we better plan on sending to the other two either once or every month until we get tired of it. Our birthdays might be so scattered throughout the year and someone might have to drop out before completing the exchange and that wouldn't be fair to the other two. Do you want me to make up some type of questionnaire and send it to each of you privately? Do we want to just stick with exchanging new, packaged embelishments with a specified cost range in a specified category OR making several embelishments to go on a 2-page layout in a specific category OR maybe one thing one month and something else the next month. Let me know as soon as possible what your first choice is.

Sorry I haven't got back sooner, but I've been visiting my daughter for 1 1/2 weeks. She is buying a house and we spent the week painting, cleaning carpet, etc. I also have my granddaughter this week and she is going to bible school every evening at our church. She is 4 and I don't have to keep a close eye on her so I would have time this week to make up a questionnaire. Let me know your thoughts. Ruth

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Goodmorning Ruth and Becki,
What ever you ladies think is best is fine by me :)
I think that sending a box once a month is nice. This way you don't have to worry about forgetting once a year to send it. Who doesn't want a suprise package every month? But I understand that people have busy lives. I am a stay at home mom so I have some time to myself to do that.
But what ever you ladies feel comfortable with, I am ok with.

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Amanda & Becki: Doesn't look like there is going to be any more interest, so others will just be missing out on the fun! Let's exchange for two months and see how it goes. (August or September: Becki sends to Amanda, Amanda sends to Ruth, and Ruth sends to Becki. September or October: Becki sends to Ruth, Ruth sends to Amanda, and Amanda sends to Becki) E-mail me directly at and I will send you an interest questionnaire & details. Can't wait for the fun! Ruth

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