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ionized_gwOctober 24, 2011

I have a wall-mount bathroom sink that is tilted. A small pool of water collects in front of the drain rather than running out. I know nothing about mounting them beyond what I see behind the sink. I think it is a typical metal bracket that the sink drops into. What should I try to do to level it properly? The wall is plasterboard over studs.


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There are many designs and brackets. If it's tilted, it could be that something has loosened up, or you had an improper initial installation. If the bracket was mounted without proper backing behind the sheetrock, this is going to take someone with handyman skills to resolve.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but there isn't a generic set of instructions to resolve what you sketchily described. You are going to have to look closely at the mounting and figure out what has gone wrong, and/or post pictures here. I could speculate, but, since you don't have skills in this area, I don't know that it would be much help to you. It may just be simplest to pay for a handyman or plumber to do the fix.

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Thanks, I will take a closer look at it and see if I can tell if the bracket is tight. It is quite possible that a smaller sink was hastily substituted in the bathroom so there would be clearance for wheelchair access. I would not be surprised if the support is not adequate. The only bright spot is that the other side of the wall is wood paneling that looks loose and I might have to remove and replace to air-seal some plumbing penetrations anyway. While in there I could add some additional framing and replace the sink bracket fasteners.

My bigger worry is that the newer sink was put into an old bracket that is not suitable so no amount of tightening or firming-up will suffice. If that is the case, if I don't want to replace the sink, should I try to shim it to change the angle?

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Shimming might remedy the slant, but it also might not look very good where the wall and sink meet if you have to shim it a lot. You also have to understand how it all connects, as the sink could come out of the bracket if it's really loose and you stress it with shimming. It really boils down to how the sink is attached. It might be nothing more than tightening some bolts, or it might be very complicated.

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I will have to take a closer look. Right now I have the trap off because it needs to be replaced. I have to decide if I am going to try to replace the waste arm. I really have to do something about the two tailpiece extensions :-( The trouble with not fixing the tilt in the sink is that it appears to keep the trap from lining up correctly. The waste arm is very short.

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