Prefinished Hardiplank

wwbachOctober 27, 2006

Can anyone comment on using prefinished hardiplank? They have a color that is basically what I am looking for. Will the finish hold up better than painting it once it is up? What is the cost difference? Thanks. -- Bud

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I presume you are speaking of the standard grey used by Hardy. I have always considered it to basically be a primer and I presume any quality exterior paint would adhear just fine. If it is availavle in other colors I have not seen those. The cost difference would be what ever the paint will cost.

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Whether or not it holds up better depends on the quality of paint you would otherwise paint it with. I doubt it would hold up any better than a high quality paint you could apply your self. I have also heard that during installation a lot of the pieces end up getting scratched which requires a lot of touch up afterwards anyhow. Depending on price I think I would just paint it after it is up.

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Thanks. They have a decent selection of colors (see the attached link). There are two advantages that I see. One is that they offer a 15 year finish warranty and the finish is baked on at the factory. And two, I'm in Chicago and the painting season (some would say the siding season) is done for the year so I'd have to wait for spring to have it painted. Prices are coming in at $148-$152/sq in the prefinished material. I suspect it would cost me almost that much to have it painted. -- Bud

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardiplank ColorPlus

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Anyone with paint peeling/cracking on HardiePlank Colorplus lap siding [the pre-painted stuff] please email me. Particularly interested in Canadian and the Northern States.

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