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deshouseOctober 7, 2008

We came from the state of WA and moved into a house in Phoenix, AZ without gutters. After some storms where the water actually came into the tracks of the windows (inside the house) we decided we really needed gutters. From electrical work we knew that that the roof line was foam over some bird board.

We informed the estimator for our gutters and he stated no problem they would use very long screws. We went ahead and when the installers came they stated they only had screws which were 2" long and they would install it into the flashing at the roof line. I am hoping there is wood behind it the flashing, but I can not tell.

As you can guess that is a hard time to make a decision, and even though I didn't feel comfortable with the idea I said alright, because they have done this before; we are supposed to have a 15 year warranty on the materials and 2 year warranty on the labor.

Everything in our guts states that what they did was wrong, and could cause us problems in the future, but in AZ they don't believe what they did was wrong.

I don't know what I am looking for, but I would guess it would be something in writing from an authoritative organization or government that would back up our belief. If anyone knows what to do I would appreciate some comments.

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Did you get it in writing that they were to use very long screws? What is birdboard - is it the kind of wood that they should have nailed into, or not usable that way? If you didn't specifically have a contract for the long screws, I don't know if you can do much now, especially as you let them go ahead even when you found out they weren't using the long ones. You might want to check though to see if what they did do is considered to be acceptable anyway.

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