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gneegirlMay 8, 2008

I knew from GW about L&T, but not about BB&B. I had heard a bout Circuit City and Sharper Image. Circuit City is selling on a major TV shopping network. They may be going to just that. Also heard Bombay may be coming back as online or under another name with online. hmmm - life as we know it sure is changing. Anyway, FYI - see below.

Subject: The Following Companies Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Hollywood Video


Sharper Image

Performance Team Freight

Linens n Things

Circuit City

Bed, Bath and Beyond

If you have gift cards from the above list use them ASAP, they will

not be valid for much longer.


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Wow gng, thanks for the info. I was just at BB&B and didn't use up all of my gift card!

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Oh no -- Linens 'n Things and BB&B are my favorite shops in the whole world! Just last night I picked out 2 or 3 comforter sets for my spare room. Here's a question for savier shoppers than me: Should I buy them now, or wait until their GOOB sales?

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Probably won't be any GOOB sales worth waiting for. Nowadays a company comes in to manage this kind of thing and THEY want money. Not sure that they are closing though. I love L&T and BB&B is a 2nd. There is one up the street so I think I've worn out the newness for BB&B.

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"I think I've worn out the newness for BB&B." LOL. I don't shop there often, but I sure hope they don't close. I got a great Farberware non-stick 10" pan that's dishwasher-safe and oven proof for $10 off.

So declaring bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean going out of business. I guess they could be bought out by another company, huh?

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