Help with shades or blinds

HoosierbredJuly 28, 2014

We moved into our new home a week ago. Two guest bedrooms are in the front of the house. I'd like some privacy for these bedrooms. Prefer not using curtains in these bedrooms. I'm open to blinds or shades. Suggestions?

This is the daybed bedroom with windows facing south out the front of the home.

This is the queen bedroom which has one window facing south (front of home) and one facing west.

Here are the bedrooms from outside the home. Excuse all the piles of dirt/mud and weeds. We haven't had our final grade or landscaping done yet.

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I had Bamboo Roman shades installed when I moved in. I think mine are the darker walnut, but there are other color selections. They're easy to install also, but my son hung mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: shades

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I always consider the window coverings from outside, preferring the look to be uniform across the front if possible.

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The only other windows along the front are three windows in the garage. They are identical to the one bedroom with the triple windows. I wasn't planning on putting window coverings on the garage windows. Or should I?

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Top-down/Bottom-up shades.

Here is a link that might be useful: Top-down shades

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If you are ever planning on allowing children in your home do NOT use top down. Big time strangling hazard. Yes, there have been some safety features added but I sure would not recommend these and I sell blinds!

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That's if there is a crib by the windows, CanadianLori, and there aren't in her rooms. And just put those little plastic wing things on each side of the window to wrap the cord up.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I would put just cell shades that would fit inside the window itself, perhaps a neutral beige. The windows are beautiful and the frames are worth showing off rather than hiding.

Congratulations, your new home is beautiful!

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I would consider roller shades. Here is an example of sprucing them up.

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i would probably do the same in each room, but wouldn't worry about the garage...
i would put either roman shades or pleated shades in the windows- depends on the look you want- roman shades are more decorative, pleated shades can disappear into almost nothing.
i personally love top down shades in bathrooms, but like bottom up only in all other rooms--- i would probably feel differently if i lived in an urban setting...

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