How do you sew in a skirt lining?

Glitter53May 5, 2010

Hello...I'm about to sew a skirt with a lining, and wonder if you gals perfer to sew the lining pieces to the skirt piece and treat each as a single entity, or do you prefer to simply sew each separately and attach the lining to the waist? There is a zipper involved...

Which method do you prefer? Thank you!

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Either method is good depending on the skirt itself, but separate, attached to the waistband is more "store-bought" I think. Is yours straight or a-line? Bias cut? Are you lining it to give weight and hold shape or to prevent see-thru on a sheer fabric? What kind of lining fabric are you using?


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I don't think you'll like the look of each piece sewn together and then made into a skirt. This leaves all your seams exposed. If you treat the skirt and the lining as seperate "skirts" and attach the lining at the waist you'll have a more finished look inside. And, frankly, I think it's easier to do this way. No slippery lining to try to sew to each skirt piece.

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Sew them separately and then into the waistband. I hand stitch the lining around the zipper, and loosely baste it to the main fabric at the seams to keep it from riding up. It feels and looks better.

The fabrics never stretch and move well if they are treated as one piece. That's technically an "interlining" when you do that, not a lining.

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Separate is "proper", and like the above posters say, it will feel and look better. Plus, it's really much easier. Just remember, turn it "inside out" when you attach it.

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Aw thank you all so much..I went ahead and did just that..although sewing two separate skirts does take some time with this pattern: McCalls 5523. What an adventure sewing in that pointy piece in the back of View A (the grey one)! It's one of the few times I actually baste something in before I sewed it....I think I have a few more grey hairs today! The fabric looks like linen without the's probably a poly, but it looks very smart and yes, I'm lining it since it would be too see-through.

I've left the invisible zipper for tomorrow; although they come out quite nice, I didn't want to attempt it after today. My nerves are frazzled! :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: The skirt I don't want to sew again

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Well, my goodness, I made the very same skirt for my dtr last fall! No wonder you're frazzled! But the skirt turned out great and dtr loves it. Hers is navy wool. What color is yours?

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Cute skirt. I can't imagine that interfacing each piece would have worked for this pattern anyway. Good choice.

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Hi, Sherrmann...Pris..!
The skirt is a beige linen-like fabric and thank goodness I purchased such a good quality least it didn't fray to bits when I attempted to sew it! So you "enjoyed" the experience too? And might I assume you took great pleasure in burning the pattern in a ceremonial bonfire? :-)

Pris, yes absolutely the right decision. Having fought with the back panel and insert I couldn't envision doing it with the lining attached. One thing I did do to myself, is that I constructed the lining in the same way as the skirt...duh! I could have just made a simple lining without that horrid insert.

But we learn, right? I won't have to bother with it again....unless...perish the thought...our DD decides she absolutely loves it and wants another one!!!

Thanks so much for your responses and help, everyone. I'm just getting back into sewing again after many years (we do have to keep our grey cells exercized, right? ;-) I'm sure I'll be haunting this board with many more questions!

Have a great week!...Lynn

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Welcome back to sewing!

I'm going to try to get tough with my dtr - she'd like one for summer! She described a cute pebbly print she would like for the summer one. I know I'll cave, but second time around should be easier, right? I'm worried the insert will sort of pouf out if the fabric is a little stiff; the wool hangs perfectly.


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Oh, honey, I would be so happy if MY daughter trusted me with sewing her clothes other than skirts, like your daughter does you. ;-)

You mentioned a pebbly print, but what kind of fabric is it? I had the same problem with an embroidered cotton print she would have liked to have, but you know how stiff those things are: it's white with beige embroidery on it. Lovely yes, but I suggested we save it for another type of skirt.

Anyway...I digress...and I'm wondering if having it pouf out a bit isn't such a bad thing! I mean..have you seen those skirts lately that have a crinoline fabric under them, accenting pouffiness? I'd love to try that one day...Of course, it depends on the fabric you're using...

I actually purchased a few Simplicity patterns when they were on sale and fabric to sew her some tops without telling her and having her try them on my imagination, having her love them! LOL!! I'll get to one of two of them after this wretched skirt is done!
And now I'm faced with hemming the skirt and that insert..I hope that's not going to be a nightmare!

Nice chatting with you Sherry!! Let me know what fabric you're using..and how it turns out...or if you've already torched that pattern..;-)

Toodles! Lynn

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I haven't seen the pebbly fabric yet, Lynn, but my dtr thinks it's perfect! She's pretty good at putting fabrics with patterns, so I'm afraid I might get stuck! She thinks I already have fabric for a top that will go well with it.

She's my best "client." Since she was five she's been able to visualize fabrics and styles. My other dtrs can't do that at all, so they trust Ann and me when it comes to putting things together. Usually it works, just plain doesn't.

I applied hem lace to the hem instead of zig-zagging and folding before machine hemming. I considered serging the hem allowance (which is what I usually do), but decided hem lace would be better in this case. I looks good, wasn't hard to do. Good luck.

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Very cute skirt! Should I try it, or heed the trail of burnt patterns and run away?

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Give it a try, susanjn! My dtr loves hers in wool. For some reason she didn't buy the fabric for a second skirt. If you sew at all, you can do it.

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Well, Ladies, I did it and it turned out great and our daughter loves it!!

The...ahem...point at the back didn't turn out as perfect as I would have liked, so I sewed on a same-fabric covered button on it and it absolutely took it from just an ordinary skirt to a very chic skirt!!

Go ahead, Susan....I think the only difficult one in there was the one with the pointy part in the back...she'd like the one with the double ruffle next and I think that'll be much easier!!

I'm now about to cut into jersey for her wrap-dress...from what I've read, I'm in for another sewing 'adventure'. Yikes!!

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Very clever, Lynn. Very clever. (and creative)

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The first technique (wherein you use 2 pieces of fabric together) is actually UNDERLINING. This is different than lining but also useful. Underlining is used when you want to alter the character of the fashion fabric. It's effect on the finished garment is completely different than lining.

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I have just cut out the skirt A and lining and was considering treating them as one piece and serging the seams by serging but after reading your posts may just make them separate (using the suggestion to bypass the pointed notch and making the lining straight) I am concerned with hemming the insert A. How difficult is it?

PS: it sure is a popular pattern, if I live through A want to do B

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smf - You hem the lining the same way as the skirt.

Then make a "French tack" between the skirt and the lining right at the hem, at each seam, to keep it in place. is a video showing how

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For an easier time of it, leave the insert off the lining, making it a pencil skirt, or replace it with a simple slit for walking ease.

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