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joulesR4meMay 18, 2004

Just wanted to see *what's up* ....???

I started back to school this week - wow, so weird. But I was very relieved to find that I wasn't the only one who, after 10+ years, was back in class! Strange how schools seem to smell the same. Anyway, all the kids seem really nice and found some that I have lots to share. I am worried about doing well though (Anatomy & Physiology) since I haven't had to study in soooooo long and the instructor warned that the summer/compressed session is a *%#()*@*. Heck, it was over 15 yrs ago since I took the pre-requisite course! One thing I giggled at - a sign on the door saying to turn off all cell phones & beepers. I obliged.

I'm thinking of hiring a cleaning service to help with house upkeep and possibly a lawn service for the summer. I hope this will prevent me from another meltdown ... and encourage me to study and still have a little fun.

I'm also trying to make a list - that is, a hurricane supply list. I don't want to wait till the last minute and I think that after last season I cleaned out all the good food and batteries (not in the same seating). I keep wondering about hurricane shutters - then I just go into denial.

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I'd say this is something.....Really!!!.....congrats for taking the initiative Joules...not enough of us do that and I admire anyone that does....Kayjones has done the same and I am sure that she is doing great at it....Don't forget the half pint of Absolut in the hurricane supply kit! ;)

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Joules, get ready to really dig deep for those memory cells! I just completed 6 hours, and it was a blast, but being in class with thirty young adults was daunting to say the least. I think I am fairly intelligent, but found, after ten years, that teaching methods have changed drastically. I also found it intimidating to be taught by a teacher HALF my age. You must be informed: not much intimidates me - I'm an Aries. Gosh, I found a whole new world of interests! I can't wait to go back this fall to take an anatomy class or a biology class.

Jeeze, I guess I must admit I am getting old!!! LOL I feel thirty most of the time, but with all those 'kids' in class with me, I feel so 'mature'.

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Joules, it is scary and exciting. Bravo to you. I did it and I am so glad of my "maturity" to handle the class and homework. Alot of snickers for those whose dog ate the homework. Or I stayed up too late last nite, partying. Good Luck!

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