You know you're a single when...

marilouMay 2, 2004 walk out of the mall with a sack from Victoria's Secret in one hand and a 3/4 inch socket with a 3/8" drive in the other. (Gotta get those spark plugs out somehow!)

What are some of the signs that you're 'doing it all?' :o)


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Here's an anecdote from a few years back that is a sign of doing it all....I was newly separated and a bachelor in the "new world"....had a dishwasher full of dishes to be done and didn't have enough powder to fill the cup....being the great homemaker that I was, I figured what the heck? Just add a little laundry detergent in the cup, dummy.......sat down, proud of myself that I was getting the dishes done without effort and the next thing I know I have soap suds all over the kitchen floor....oh well, the floor needed mopping anyway. LOL

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Oh my! (BTW, using dishwashing liquid in the washer doesn't work, either. I found out the hard way, too!)


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Buying (then returning) a commercial wet/dry vac to blow-out the dryer vent line because the gas lawn blower didn't work and needed it done ASAP... That after using phone books to *jack-up* the washing machine so I could access the feet for leveling. Sears repair man said it was Level - he checked this by trying to shake it (laying hands on top of machine and pushing it around). Said "lady, it's level". Ha - all the legs were set at different heights and the bubble in the LEVEL was way off. When I showed him the LEVEL, he said "well, that's as good as you can expect". What the ????? Oh, did I get OT?

I washed the car using my pressure washer the other day - this was a minimal divert from pressure washing the house. I'm easily distracted too ....

And last, but not least, using a flashlight to finish mowing the yard last night. Boy, those snake lights come in handy. Unfortunately, while taking the last wheelbarrow full of leaves to the *dump* (at the end of the block), tripped on a pebble ... I didn't have to do that sly look-around to see who else saw me - it was practically pitch black by that time!

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Oh, I forgot to add ... walking to the gas station w/3gallon tank in hand, COVERED in grass stains & dirt, to get enough fuel to finish the lawn jobs! Maybe it's a reflection on why I'm still single. What a sight. Last time I also stopped in ABC liquors (both within a 1/4 mile radius) for a 6-pack. Got carded. Hahahaha How many *underaged girls* would dare stop in an ABC looking like me - dirty, sweaty and tired?

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You know you're single when...

  • single female coworkers who barely speak to you rush to your cubicle to show you their engagement ring
  • you use your day off to coordinate home maintenance tasks
  • after dropping off a car for maintenance you have to use a bus or cab
  • you get to eat the last of the goodies in the fridge
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Cube, so true.

Come back and join us!

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... you singlehandly move furniture too heavy to lift up and down two flights of stairs because you've been hit by the urge to rearrange. It doesn't occur to you until two weeks later when a guest says "You did that by YOURSELF? HOW?" that most people might have gotten help.

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Quirk, I want to know how...Cardboard is great to slide things around, but stairs? I would like to know the technique...even though I dont have stairs. A shove and it would just go where....

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Walks; going up stairs, you flip the furniture end over end, each time balancing it (and supporting much of the weight) on a higher up step until you make it to the top. Going down, you position the furniture at the top of the stairs, yourself supporting it from the downstairs direction (might be more "flipping' involved to get you and furniture in the right position), and let it slide slowly (hopefully) down the stairs. You, supporting it from below as you slowly make your way down the stairs, are just keeping it from sliding at top speed into the wall at the bottom of the stairs while gravity is doing the work of getting it down the stairs. You can slide box springs up as well as down, no need to flip, just stand at the bottom and shove. I have not, however, figured out how to get a mattress up stairs by myself... too floppy... had to recruit help with that...

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my girls once got a leather sofa stuck in the stairway as they were trying to get it down to their basement hangout. Their dad came in and said "what made you think you could move that???" and they said innocently "mom does it all the time" ~grin~ They had to go underneath it to get downstairs for awhile before they figured out how to get it unstuck.

I have a beautiful old oak teachers desk that two men at the store where I bought it loaded onto my truck for me. I got it home and unloaded and in the house by myself (don't ask me how) but it was on its side. I looked in the penny shopper and got a pair of handymen to come out and set it upright. Cost me $30. They were amazed.

Sometimes I don't realize that somethig is impossible to do until I am nearly done ;-)

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You are single when:

The cat has a say in what you cook for dinner.

You don't care if the vehicle has only two doors.

You do the dishs before mowing the lawn.

Milk always spoils and often before you even open it.

There is room in the garage for your vehicle and your garden tractor.

You never lock the liquor cabinet.

You are CHRONIC single when:

You turn 40 and are still single.

You forget how to have a pointless conversation.

You sit home sober on a Saturday night.

: )

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Ohmigosh, Michael! That sounds like my life!!!

Chronically single Marilou

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