My first jersey fabric

Glitter53May 29, 2010

I'm just getting my feet wet into sewing again after many years, and found that I had a question on my first skirt, and now I'm about to tackle knit jersey, to sew a wrap dress for our daughter.

I might have done too much reading. Some sites tell me to use a narrow, short-stitch zig-zag, others tell me not to bother...I do have a ball-point needle at the ready and have gotten as far as cutting the pattern pieces apart.

(very proud of myself for getting that far, actually)...the fabric has been washed, and all I have to do is lay it out and cut.

But I'm so scared of sewing it!!

Do you ladies have any experience with that fabric and do you sew zig-zag or straight?

One day I hope to answer some of your questions and help you, but for now I'm afraid I'm just a 'taker'....:-(

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Take away, glitter!

How much stretch does the knit have? If not much, I'd use straight stitch; otherwise, use the narrow zigzag.

Some jersey knits slip a lot while they're under the needle, so watch for that...use lots of pins, or a roller foot. The pattern probably calls for knits specifically, right? The pattern pieces should have directional arrows on the seam lines. Be sure you follow them.

Have a good time!

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Use your scraps after cutting the pattern to play around with the different stitches and see how the fabric responds BEFORE starting on the actual dress. It will help your confidence level, and you'll know what to expect.

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Thank you,Ladies!

I did some practice stitches on scraps and found out that the best one was a straight stitch like Shermann suggested, done while I'm stretching the just leaps back into place and has a nice give to it.

Yeppers, the pattern is for stretch knits but OMG did I EVER goof!!! When I was sewing the sleeve on I caught some of the front...tried to take it out, put a hole in the front, so I had to re-cut another front and sew it in properly!! Thank goodness I always buy a little more than what's called for...I'd rather toss some than be short, although I know most patterns already call for a pretty generous amount. But this time....I really needed every bit of that last half metre!!

It turned our really nicely, although I'm a little scared of tackling the turned over edges on the wrap. It doesn't have any facings, although I'm tempted to cut some very narrow ones anyway......ah, well...the adventure continues tomorrow!! :-D

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