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chery2May 6, 2007

When I was first married, I sewed everything I wore and jeans and shirts for DH. Since then, seventies, I haven't sewn anything but curtains and quilted handbags and stuffed toys for grandbabies.

Little Emma is going to DisneyWorld this summer and will be having breakfast w/ Cinderella. When I told a friend about this, she brought me about 4 yards of material with all the illustrations from the Cinderella story on it. I found a pattern, spoke with a person at Joanne's, and got to work. The pattern is BUTTERICK 3772 "Fast and Easy." I told the Joanne's lady my granddaughter was b/t a size 5 and 6, and she said that would be fine. I cut the pieces out on the lines indicating larger sizes, realizing later that I should've cut about 1/2" further out. I can look at it and tell it's too small already, and I've sewn the smallest seams possible.

I don't like the way BUTTERICK gives directions, anyway, or maybe it's been too long since I've tried to follow sewing directions.

Does anyone have advice for someone trying to get back into sewing after such a long time? Oh, and I'd like to have a hat pattern w/o paying $6 for one. Can I get one free online somewhere? TIA


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Check and see when Joann's Hancock's Hobby Lobby etc are having patterns for 1.99 or .99 again. You might also check ebay.
Welcome back to the world of sewing!

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You dont mention how the garment is made BUT if it has side seams could you not use decorative fabric and put a strip in to enlarge it? Just a suggestion

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I think spage 1 is right. Since you have 4 yards fabric, just cut a strip the width you need and sew it to the front and back at the underarm. If the design looks "pieced" add rickrack or other trim over the seams to cover the piecing..it will make the garment look like it has a set in panel. The little dress is darling too.

I agree too that the pattens of today DO NOT give you the detailed instructions that the patterns of old did. And the picture drawings on the instruction sheets aren't as detailed as they used to be...before, if you couldn't figure out the written instructions, at least you had a chance of figuring it out by the pictures. With the newer patterns, I always read the instructions twice before starting...and where I can't understand what the HECK they mean...I just improvise! lol.

Good luck with the dress, and hope Emma has a GREAT time with Cinderella!

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I'm sure the side gussets will work. When my eldest dtr was married 11 years ago, I made her gown and all the bridesmaids gowns. First thing I made was the gown for middle dtr, who was 13 at the time. Then, before the wedding, SHE DEVELOPED AND GREW! Oh, my, what a lot of work it was to add gussets to the sides of her dress, but there was no more fabric to be had! Woodsy's idea to add rickrack or trim will cover it just fine, and will even make it look more "princessy." Have fun!

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The inset strips/gussets should work. Don't forget Princess EmmaÂs jewelry.
I put strips in the sides of some jeans when I was younger to make them bigger. This was when it was stylish. Growing up and sewing in the 70's. The pictures in the patterns were much better. I use to frustrate my Mom by putting things together by just looking at the pictures. Sometimes I would break down and read the directions. Now when I read some of the directions my thoughts are "you want be to do what? Why? That would be more work."
Have Disney fun. Can you post a picture of Princess Emma in her dress!

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Suellen, I'd love to post a picture, but I've tried PhotoBucket and everything else w/ no luck. I'll keep trying, though. Turns out, Emma's dress fit perfectly except for straps -- too short. I lengthened them, but they gap when she sits down. Thought about crisscrossing, but don't think that's going to work w/out starting over, and I'm just not going to do that. Yesterday at a yard sale, a woman was GIVING AWAY toddler patternss. I took most of them; some didn't say "easy" or anything suggesting simple, so I'll save those for later.
I SO agree w/ you about directions. I do read them, but, boy, the next time I use the pattern, I'll do it MY way.


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