Does anyone know of any 'travel for singles' resources?

marilouMay 13, 2004

I am getting vacation fever and have not enjoyed going alone. Does anyone know of any vacation packages geared toward singles? Cruises, air/hotel/tour packages, etc?

I've looked at a couple on the web but keep running into x-rated spam-type problems. I'm looking for something on the up-and-up, not a fly-by-night operation or meet-for-sex type thing.



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I don't mind traveling or vacationing alone myself but I know what you mean. A single person cruise would be nice for many reasons if the point was NOT to couple up but to take a safe, classy vacation.

I sublet an apartment near the beach in San Diego (found it on Craig's list) for a month last year and the year before I drove down to the Gulf Coast (out of season cheap) and spent a couple of weeks. I watch for cheap airline tickets and make plans around them. I want to go and tramp around New England next.

There is a travel forum here that used to be quite active. I am home/workbound for awhile, but I am saving and planning.


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I heard about a Christian singles cruise last year - leaving from my neck of the woods - Tampa Florida... I can see if anything like that exists again. Certainly not the rated - x type! But maybe too stuffy for some...

I'll see what I can dig up.


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I was wrong. The forum here is "Vacations" and "Family Vacations" on the inside.

The cheap tickets to London have been tempting me for years.

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I've traveled alone too, but that's the way my last six trips have been and the next time around I'd like to try something else. Classy and safe--those are the right words to describe what I'd like!

I'll check out the travel forum. BTW, what is Craig's List?


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here it is

Here is a link that might be useful: craigslist

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