What would you do with the babylock wave stitch?

sewnice50May 9, 2007

I am looking at the Babylock Evolve Wave and want to know what kinds of things could the wave stitch be used for? I see the obvious decorative edge, but I wonder if it really is worth spending the extra money for it? I am not that wild about the look to begin with. On the other hand, it is only $150.00 more, will I be sorry I didn't spring for it?

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I just went and looked it up,since i had never seen it.To me ,it might be good for decorative edges on hankies,pillowcases.maybe the sleeve edges on a t-shirt.Other than that i can't think of a lot of uses for it.But if you can afford it,and you think you'd use it go for it,as you don't want to be sorry later on.JMHO

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I have the Evole Imagine by Babylock and I LOVE it. I didn't see a big enough difference between the two to pay the extra money. I bought it mainly for the self threading and auto tension and they both work great. It also does a great rolled hem. I have done the rolled hem on everything from chiffon to table napkins and it does a great job. I also have the Janome five thread and do not care for it at all. It is a nightmare to thread and the thread was always braking. In general a pain to use. The imagine is easy to use and I would recommend it anyone.


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I am so pleased you love the Evolve. I was so hoping to hear good things about it. I wanted to ask if it comes with a easy to follow manual for the different stitches? I am going to pick it up this Monday and will take an lesson then. Is there anything in particular I should pay close attention too?


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Yes it comes with a very good manual. I got a full binder with mine and it is written in plan language that is very easy to use. Also it comes with a quick referral sheet for the basic stitches. You can also buy additional feet for beading, elastic, ribbon etc. They run around $200.00. It is very easy to use and you should have no problems with it.

Have fun with it and I'm sure you will love it.


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I bought the Imagine and skipped the wave, but still wonder if I might want it LOL But since I was buying three machines, I had to stop somewhere! My love is crazy quilting so the serger was for that...and I didn't see the need for a "wave" edge on quilt squares LOL But you know, as with anything, it someday comes in handy.

The machine shop did throw in the five foot package for free though :) Which is nice because I have hundreds of yards of silk waiting to become curtains and quilts when our remodel work is in progress. No they won't have wave's on them...but I guess I can live.

I'm with the advice though to buy as much as you can afford. You never regret that in the end! I also got the Esante and wish I could have afforded the Ellegante heh heh but I suppose it's always good to have another version to stretch my budget for in the future!

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