What tools or equipment have you learned to use?

marilouMay 5, 2004

After reading about joulesR4me's use of a gas lawn blower and pressure washer on a different post, I'm curious to know what other power tools or equipment you've been able to figure out and use? Or perhaps you've learned how to do something domestic that you never thought you would?

Please share, everyone!


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Chainsaw, miter saw, wrench, drill, pipe cutter. I love tools. It is so fun to fix and repair for yourself. I have put in a new bath vanity, for my mother, all the plumbing. My BIL, years later looked at it, and as a handyman he couldn't have done a better job.

I have installed my own gas dryer, gas logs in the fireplace. I have pulled paneling from walls, patched, sanded and painted. You would never known what was there before.

Since I have owned this home, I dont know if the repairs or the tools are more expensive!

Fixing to pull carpet,and start tiling. Can't wait to see what new tools I will end up with.

I wish I could work on my car, but besides for changing the air filter and windshield wipers, I am left to the mercy of the dealership...

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Pretty impressive resume there Walks....I've pretty much done it all, using power tools and such over the years (and I know this was more of a ladies thread) but hey, I did learn to make really good gravy since I have been on my own!!

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No, I don't see a ladies thread! ROFLOL. I will take recipes. Since I used your meatloaf recipe with onion soup mix. Yum!

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Glad you liked the meatloaf, Walks.....I won't hijack this thread anymore about it, but maybe it's time to start a "post your favorite singles recipes thread"....I have a couple in mind

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Like Tinmantu - I am more surprised by learning some *feminine* skills. I was a daddy's girl - he was a real handyman and shop teacher. My mom was pretty much *out-of-pocket* most of my growing years and I never learned any of the traditional skills from her. My dad managed to get the meals on the table and keep up with the home & personal tasks done too, but I don't remember being *taught* any of this. My grandmother taught me to use a sewing machine and, ironically, my mom got me a subscription to Gourmet magazine several years ago - hah. I have since learned to use some *womens* equipment - the mixer, blender, oven, stove, microwave, crepe pan, bread machine (cheating), grill, washer/dryer and even a mop. Yeah!!!!
But I'm still happier and more comfortable in the garage with my table saw, router and assortment of other power tools. When I was in college, my bf taught me to how to replace the brakes, transmission and (finally) the engine in my Camaro. Yikes, that was a LONG time ago. I gladly pay to have anything auto related done now - even having it cleaned!

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Well, Joules, I will be looking for advice! So glad you are joining us!

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