sewing a bag out of potholders

dody40May 8, 2010

A lady at my Mom's Assited Living Residence gave my Mom a bunch of handstiched pot holders. Mom gave them to me. I had no use for them, so I lined them up 3 X 3 and sewed them together.

It looks a little rough, but that is the beauty of it. For the back piece, I took several layers of lightweight sew-in interfacing (all that I had) and slipped into some pretty material. I did a light quilting technique to hold it together.

Here is a picture of the potholders sewn together. As you can see, I still have square of the edges. The fabric laying in under is for the back side that I have prepared.

Here is a close-up of an indivual block. I think it is so sweet.

I have never done a project like this before, but it is turning out pretty. I still have to make the straps and lining.

Any hints on doing the straps as I have an idea on how to sew them in, but I am not sure if it is correct.

I think I make the straps, pin it to the purse and then do the lining. But the pot holder side is too heavy, I am not quite sure how to do this.

Any hints for me would be most appreciated. I hope to get to this today and have it ready for Mom on Mother's Day. I think she would use it as a knitting bag. Oh, also, I want to make pockets, both on the inside and the outside. I would have to do this on the back side, as the pot holder side is so heavy, I don't think I could sew another layer.

Thanks in advance.


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OK, I finished the bag made out of potholders. I am giving it to my Mom for Mother's Day. She can hang it off her walker and use it for knitting, paper supplies, books or whatever she wants.

I love it and want to make one for me. I will not make the straps quite so wide, but will make them longer so I can use it as a shoulder bag.

Here are some pictures. What do you think?

The potholder side:

another angle:

The back side:

Another angle:

The inside to show the pockets:

My first attempt. There are a lot of things I will change when I make it again. I love the bright colors and I am sure Mom will also.


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It is lovely

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What a lovely bag and such a wonderful idea!! Your Mom will love having her special bag...made by two special ladies!!
Thanks for posting,

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My Mom was just thrilled with her new bag. I learned a lot making it and cannot wait until I have the time to start another one. (So many ideas, so little time)

I want to get started on a teddy bear. I was finally able to get the doll needles and I bought some patterns at Joanne's when they were on sale. Thanks Sheba, for showing me all of yours, they were wonderful.


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Our grandmothers didn't have Insul-Brite; yet they were able to sew great pot holders. I'd like to know how to make a potholder the "old fashioned" way. I saw a suggestion that three layered bath towel would work as an "old-fashioned" insulator. Any ideas?

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I know this is an older thread, but its beautiful & great idea!

I've a couple of old oven mitts I got in a box of assorted freebies that I'm hoping to use to make a cover for my sleeve arm for pressing. The cover (attached) is a little yucky and there is a oily looking stain that keeps coming up on the cloth cover. Your results make me think it might actually work!

Any particular hints about working with the layers as you cut and reform them?

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I dont know how I missed this back in 2010. what a nice idea thanks for bringing it up agai..good ideas never "get old"

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