Roof leaked, now mold

kiraOctober 27, 2006

I recently bought a fairly new townhome (4yrs old); have been here 2 months now. Not long after I moved in, I discovered there was a roof leak above the garage (which is attached to the home). Had the roof leak repaired but clearly the leak had been there for some time as there was previous damage to the drywall on the garage ceiling.

Now I can smell a strong mildew smell in and around the bathroom that backs up to the garage. I'm guessing there's mold growing in the space above the garage, but there's no access to that space (it's all drywalled in) so I can't check to see how bad the mold is without cutting into the drywall.

At this point I've decided I'm going to have to do that - cut a hole in the garage ceiling so I can poke my head up there and look around.

Anyway I guess I'm just looking for some advice (or maybe moral support) from anyone who's dealt with mold problems before. I'm worried about how bad it might have gotten, since the last big leak was several weeks ago. I also am hoping it's something I can clean up myself. I really can't afford to pay a professional mold service to come deal with it (I don't even know how much they charge but I'm assuming its many thousands of dollars, and my insurance doesn't cover mold remediation.)

Is bleach the best thing to use on mold? I have read different things on that - some sites say yes, some say no, it isnt a permanent fix.

Thanks for any info...

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A solution of 1/2 gallon white vinegar, 1/2 gallon hydrogen peroxide, and 1 cup boric acid will kill mold and the mold spores. Bleach will clean mold, but not kill the spores.

That mix will not store well, as the hydrogen peroxide turns to water when let open.

Wear a protective mask---the kind that seal to the face and has replaceable filters. You can use a garden sprayer---the pump up kind----to spray any areas you find that had mildew/mold.

The problem may have gotten into the wall. If so, you will have to remove the drywall on the garage side to kill/clean all the mold. Replacing the drywall can be a two person DIY job with a book explaining the procedure and some work.

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I used Timbor on my house. The damage was in the walls and mostly from windows installed wrong. Bora- Care can also be used. I was able to find it at a local pest supply company. You will need to replace wet insulation too.

My 6 year old house was poorly built and I thought I had 2 leaks, but in reality all 32 windows were installed wrong, kickout flashing missing and siding was wrong too. I had the house thermal imaged to find all the leaks and I was glad as I would have missed all the others. It was $250 for the thermal image. You can see my pics at:

Here is a link that might be useful: timbor

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