Any thoughts on the real 'Runaway Bride'?

cube1067May 2, 2005

Yeah...girlfriend goes jogging Tuesday night...never comes back home....supposed to be getting married on Saturday. Boyfriend notifies authorities. A few days later girlfriend calls home saying she was kidnapped. Then she calls home AGAIN and says it was all a hoax...she ran away because she had doubts about getting married.

Hmph! My thought is that the boyfriend played the media card for sympathy. He knew that girl didn't want to marry him wholeheartedly. What better way to look like the innocent victim than to call in the authorities and act like you are totally surprised that she disappeared. I'd hesitate marrying anyone who either 1)did not know me well enough to know I was petrified about taking that step or 2) manipulates situations to his advantage.

Supposedly, the wedding is back on. I want to tell her "Girlfriend, pay attention to those instincts! Don't do it!"

A similar thing happened in my state about 2 years ago. A woman told her hubby she was going to Wendy's, about 10:30 PM. She never came back. Hubby alerted police; police found her car with her purse in it in the Wendy's lot. About 2 weeks later it was revealed that wife went off with another man. You can't tell me hubby had no idea about wifey wanting out of the marriage. But he called the media and played the distraught husband for all it was worth.

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I haven't read enough about it to form an opinion. I suspect this is an immature young woman who is a people pleaser to her own detriment.

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I don't recall what night it was but she was still missing when I went to bed. I got up about 4:30AM because my stomach was hurting. I took some medicine and settled into my recliner for the pain to ease.

I turned on the TV and there was the news that she had been in touch with her family and was okay. I hate to be negative all the time but from recent news stories of missing people I had expected the worse.

I got a good feeling. I knew she would be criticized for everything under the sun but it just doesn't matter. What matters is that she is okay. I just don't care that she may have done this by design; nerves; or whatever. I do care that the story has a relatively happy ending. I, personally, wish the best for her whether she marries; takes off again but lets people know; or makes a mint selling her story. Gene

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14 bridesmaids, 600 guests, I'd run too. Was it bridezilla or mother-of-the bridezilla?

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I don't think we can possibly know what was going on in her head, with the family, or with the whole dynamics of planning the wedding. It's sad that, out of all the people involved, this woman didn't feel she could confide in anyone.

Should there be retribution? I don't know. I suppose she's old (mature) enough to have thought this through better. But she wasn't acting from a place of logic. She freaked and then she ran. And ran and ran. Poor thing.

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It's not the running that bothers me, it's the lying about being abducted that gets my goat. There's no excuse for that.

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it sounds a lot like that woman in Georgia
that skipped out on her wedding
she said that she was abducted and atcually
went to Vegas then on to New Mexico
the county attorney for the county that
the bride to be lives in was trying to press charges
the last i heard .

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Her real moments of sanity were when she ran away from that circus-to-be...

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I agree, she should have just been truthful from the start. Even if she did run. Don't blame it on someone else. But I think she has had some "problems" before this. I hope she gets the help she needs, and they don't just sweep it under the rug, for appearences sake.

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