How to patch a vertical concrete surface?

stash-hdyOctober 4, 2011

My house is built on a slab and the slab settled. Had the slab raised and supported so the issue is corrected. When the slab settled two corners of the slab broke off. The break is about 2 inch deep at the top tapering down to the original slab at approximately ground level. The break off is confined to the corner of the slab so it�s a small area. What is the correct way to repair the corner, with mortar, use a concrete bonding agent, etc?

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Use a bonding agent.
Eucoweld is one brand.

Try to make the crack wider at the bottom (even if not all the way to the bottom) to allow the patching material to 'key' into the crack.

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The repair area is not a crack the corner of the slab has broken off so I want to build the corner back up to its original state.

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