Freezing Black Drain Tile

MikeinMNOctober 15, 2013

I have all my downspouts draining into black 4" perforated drain tile to move the water away from the house. All work as designed, except one tile freezes every winter, causing the water to back up and the downspout to freeze. Instead of removing water, it actually causes water to overflow/pool in the area, which freezes and causes issues. Unfortunately, the problem tile crosses under the concrete apron for a 3-stall garage so it's not exactly accessible. I'm wondering whether anyone knows of a heating product (like the wire you lay in a gutter to keep it from freezing) that I can snake down the tile. My main concern is compatibility with the black perforated tile. Many thanks.

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Do you know for certain the pipe is not partly stopped up. You described the pipe as "PERFORATED" I believe you meant "CORAGATED" or "RIBBED". Building code should forbid burying that because it catches debris and will not withstand water jetting in order to clear it out. If you know that it is not partly blocked or crushed,tell us how far from gutter to apron and how much farthur pipe continues from apron to daylight or confluence with another drain.

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